Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bloomberg quotes BlakPac Chair George Farrell

On Ben Carson

Over the course of the past month, Ben Carson has surged past Donald Trump to take the lead in the Republican presidential field, and now finds himself tied with Democrat Hillary Clinton in a new national poll. But rather than trumpet those accomplishments out on the campaign trail, the new GOP front-runner is returning to the book circuit, the place that may explain his stunning political success.

The retired neurosurgeon's latest two-day, eight-stop book tour kicked off Tuesday in Tampa—the same place former Florida Governor Jeb Bush looked to reboot his campaign a day earlier.

“The secret for Carson is his book sales,” said George Farrell, chairman of BlakPAC, a super-PAC that seeks to elect diverse conservative candidates.

 On Jeb Bush

At the event in Tampa, some Republicans warned that Bush will have to go further if he wants to overtake outsider insurgents Trump and Carson.

“Trump doesn't give a speech—Trump has a conversation, with a give and take from the audience,” said George Farrell, who is active in Florida politics and attended Bush's rally. “Jeb gave a more authentic speech today—but he still is giving a speech.”

“If you're old-school, you would think it was a great speech,” added Farrell, who remains undecided in the presidential race. “But moving forward, Jeb has to give less of a speech and more of a conversation if he wants to tap into what's going on across the country.”

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