Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Smackdown Tuesday on NewsOneNow Morning Show with Roland Martin on TVONE

I was too Black and too strong for leftest Roland Martin and the queer pink ascot. He is the ultimate Hypocrite always holding pity parties but never holding liberals like  Al Frankin and Bill Clinton  to even minimal decency standards.  His morning show is designed to make Conservative Republicans look bad but  I always turn the tables on them with facts. I have gotten my liberal opponents to defend the Second Amendment and to stop calling President Trump a Racist.

My  Tuesday appearances were also increasing his lackluster  viewership.  Its' time for my own TV show.
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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Black Women Vote

In 2016, Democratic pundits and political strategists expected black women to continue their historical trends by voting in large numbers. BlakPAC knew otherwise.
To the surprise of these Democrat experts, turnout among black women fell from more than 70 percent to 64 percent. Although black women still outperformed almost all other voters, with their turnout percentage slightly behind the turnout of white women, the decline was dramatic and—in some instances—pivotal to the election of President Donald Trump. Many Black Women secretly voted Republican in hopes of an improving economy.
Black women comprise 7 percent of the U.S. population, yet just 5 percent of federal judges, 4 percent of mayors in the nation’s 100 largest cities, and 3 percent of members of Congress and state legislators.
Black women are a powerful force in the American political system. In 2008 and 2012, they turned out to vote at higher rates than any other demographic group, playing a decisive role ushering in new candidates across the country. Black women’s civic participation embodies the stated ideals of the nation’s participatory democracy:
They consistently recognize and value the importance of being politically active and engaged in order to effect change in their communities. At the same time, the civic engagement of black women too often does not result in concrete policy changes that are responsive to their needs. While black women are always expected to turn out and provide support, the public narrative about women—and more importantly about what women need—frequently focuses on white women, typically those with economic. Only BlakPAC has the data analytics to reach this very important swing vote.
BlakPAC uses a wide range of specialized product solutions focused on the persuasion and motivation of all voters, constituents, consumers, elected officials, and membership organizations, including digital, mobile, and print advertising.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

#BlakPAC aims to stop Planned Parenthood in Virginia

Let's help Gillespie   STOP    Planned Parenthood in Virginia

The only way to stop Virginia taxes from paying for Abortion is to elect Ed Gillespie. Ed is not a true conservative. Ed is not a real Trump supporter. Ed is an architect of Black voter suppression when he was at the Republican National Committee which is the reason more Blacks are not Republican, BUT if electing Ed stops one abortion, BlakPAC will work to elect him Governor of Virginia. BlakPac will also work to undo years of bad policy at the RNC for the good of America.

The Virginia Governors Race is still a dead heat as reported by The Washington Post. Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Party are going to spend $3,000,000.00 (Three Million Dollars) and we really need to come with our strategy to fight them in the Minority Communities.  For instance, Democratic Party believes 94% of Black Women believe in abortion, but we know that is not true because 65% of Blacks attend regular church service and are against it.
We know that the Democrats and Planned Parenthood will promise free abortions as late as the eighth month and set up shop in Minority Communities to harvest Baby parts. Minorities do not want handouts but policies that provide for upward mobility like school choice and a growing economy. We also know that. whenever a campaign is this close, Minority voters are the swing voters that decide the outcome and only BlakPac has the experience, tools, data analytics, messaging and grassroots activism to get Minorities to the polls to vote Republican.

Can BlakPac count on you today to Chip In $350, $450, $500, $1000, $5000 or more to increase efforts to stop Planned Parenthood from misinforming voters. Electing Ed Gillespie is the only way keep Virginia tax dollar from funding abortions.

BlakPac is knocking on doors in Minority communities.  We shared the vision of a thriving Virginia that benefits everyone, . Virginia is a big, beautiful and important state so we need your best gift. President Trump did his part. He commissioned the largest most advanced aircraft carrier in the world, the Gerald R Ford in Virginia and Vice President Mike Pence is coming to lend his conservative credentials. The President will need a Republican Governor to keep bringing jobs and prosperity to Virginia.  If we fail, Democrats.and Planned Parenthood will keep killing Babies with Virginia tax dollars.

We need to stop Planned Parenthood in Virginia. BlakPac will bring to Virginia our proven data analytics and social media campaigns that excite the Black community to take action and volunteer for Ed Gillespie and give him the votes needed to win. We made the difference to elect the first woman from Georgia to Congress, Karen Handel, and we can do it again in Virginia on November 7, 2017,  We need to raise Three Million Dollars to fight Planned Parenthood and stop the Democrats cold.
It is imperative to receive your support today to counter the three million dollars that Planned Parenthood is spending to keep harvesting unborn Children.  Donate NOW!

ALL Unborn Children need our protection NOT ONLY MINORITIES. We need to help Ed Gillespie win this race to protect them from a cruel death and  reveal the truth about Planned Parenthood. They do not care about mothers or their rights!

Let's get together to protect the Unborn!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Does the GOP support Trump?

Is President Trump Supported by His Own Party?
We, the people, elected Donald J. Trump. Democrats and some Republicans don't want to accept it. In fact, right now they are spending millions of dollars to sabotage this government and take him down. The low level of  support our President is receiving from John McCain and others  in his own party is pure treachery.  The Establishment is upset because we didn't elect their chosen ones and our President is being sabotaged with a Robert Mueller Grand Jury investigation.
The time is right! We have the right President to drain the swamp. We need to help him by surrounding him with the right people in Congress. BlakPac is supporting races around the country to make sure we are electing honest patriotic conservative candidates. We can't stop draining the swamp and cleaning out the sewers. It's time for America First.
BlakPac has had enough, I am sure you have too. We haven't stopped our campaign to defend our President and our democracy!! We need to drain the swamp.
Democrats are also using the media to outrage communities with misleading information about the President's intentions and work. They dismiss all the good work our President is doing right now. Over one Million new Private sector jobs have returned and the stock market is doing very well.
Leaks of our President's private conversations occur all the time. Our National security is in danger. Democrats and RINOS are making sure his work for us is delayed and/or destroyed.
Our efforts are effective, we are doing mailings, radio ads, phone calls, facebook, twitter @realblakpac Instagram and other social media plus door-to door visits,and attending  community meetings and events. We must work 365 days a year to protect the President as he keeps his promises.
President Donald Trump really needs us. He needs our prayers for wisdom as the Republican Never Trumpers keep attacking him. We are aware of the Obama, Hillary, McCain resistance movement buried deep inside of Government offices that are delaying and destroying his good works to repeal and replace failing Obamacare, lower taxes for everyone, and secure the Borders. If you cannot give at this time, Pray for Donald J. Trump and pray for America. Pray also that like other attacks against our President, this latest grand jury attack will backfire and lead to an indictment against Hillary Clinton.
Together, lets  #MAGA for all Americans. 
George T. Farrell

Friday, July 28, 2017

Naked Ambition

By Raynard Jackson
BlakPAC Blogger

Recently, while in Paris, President Trump complimented France’s first lady on how beautiful she looked, and feminists around the world lost their damn minds saying Trump was sexist, “humiliating for the American people,” yada, yada, yada.
I immediately had a flashback to a conversation I had a few weeks ago with one of my Grammy Award winning songwriter/producer friends about how women, especially Black women, are objectified in the entertainment community.
I am not talking about ratchet women or video vixens that are not talented or someone trying to break into the business; many of these types of women will sell their souls to be famous.
I want to focus on the women who have true talent to thrive in the entertainment industry.
The biggest culprit of this self-exploitative, sexist, ratchet behavior is none other than Beyoncé. No one can deny that she is a great entertainer and a helluva performer, but she is a walking book of contradictions.
She claims to be a feminist, but she makes her money by walking around half naked in everything she does; most of her performances are hyper-sexualized and she has one of the filthiest mouths in entertainment.
If you ever have problems sleeping, simply watch her video for the song “Yours and Mine” and you will be off to sleep in short order. I guess this was her feeble attempt to inspire women, especially Black women, with her perverted view of feminism. Can someone please tell me the value of the scene in this video when she is getting her freak on in the backseat of a Rolls Royce automobile, albeit with her famous husband, rapper Jay-Z?

Isn’t this antithetical to what feminism is supposed to represent?
Sevyn Streeter’s performances are just more examples of this continued objectification of women. She has one of the most angelic voices in music and is quite attractive. I am totally in love with her current single, “Before I Do.”

Listen to the song without the video first. It is one of the most beautiful love songs I have ever heard; the lyrics are simply enchanting. Sevyn’s voice is so seductive and her phrasing is thoroughly erotic, but all PG-rated.
Then I made the tragic mistake of watching the video. What a disaster.
How can you take such a beautiful song and destroy it with such a horrible video? Streeter is damn near masturbating in the video. This video has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the lyrics of the song. What a shame.
Where are my Black feminist friends who never, ever miss an opportunity to chastise President Trump for his alleged mistreatment of women?
Where is Al Sharpton’s girl, Tamika Mallory, who seems to never miss an opportunity to criticize White folks for every negative pathology, affecting the Black community?
Where is my good buddy and ultra-feminist, Avis Jones-DeWeever? When will she criticize from within?
Oh, and then there is Janaye Ingram, another one of Sharpton’s girls. She seems to always disappear when Blacks do stupid things, but somehow is everywhere when a White Republican does something she views as sexist or racist.
Oh, I forgot, these Black feminists only speak out when White folks are sexist, not when it’s our own people. When it’s our own people, these Black feminists all seem to come down with an extreme case of laryngitis.
Now juxtapose the above performances with my good friend and up and coming R&B/Hip Hop artist, BriaMarie (
BriaMarie is a super talented, attractive Temple University graduate with a 3.8 grade point average; she promotes her talents, not her body. Oh, and did I mention, that she is also a Christian, not in the Hollywood sense, but as in “real” Christian. Meaning, she actually believes and lives what she preaches through her songs.

Wow, what a novel concept.
Her voice is sultry, sensual, and seductive; but not sexual. She doesn’t see the need to take her clothes off because she has confidence in her musical abilities.
If she was willing to take her clothes off, she would be a household name by now. But she, and her producer, Carvin Haggins, have made the decision to promote her career, while staying true to her Christian values.

They actually believe that they can play in the R&B world at the highest levels, retain their moral compass, sell CDs, and make a difference in society all at the same time.
Go to her website and check out her music and then tell me she can’t make it in the music business. When you watch her videos, there is absolutely no nudity, no cursing, or any sexual innuendos; simply great videography that compliments the lyrics to the song.

BriaMarie actually believes she can sell CDs, produce contemporary music with no cursing or nudity, yet be successful by all industry standards. She is well on the road to accomplishing this goal.
So, I challenge mainstream artists to check out BriaMarie’s approach to entertainment and truly ask themselves if they can they be successful without sex, nudity and cursing.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

RINO's killing Republican Party

Clarence McKee
BlakPAC Blogger

Watching U.S. Senate Republicans deal with healthcare reform, you would think they were in clown college and not members of a lawmaking body.

After promising constituents for seven years that they would repeal and replace Obamacare, they have thus far reneged — betraying the public trust.
One thing you can say about the Democrats, they stick together like a herd of sheep. They follow their shepherds wherever they may lead. Republicans on the other hand — in too many cases — are like a herd of cats to whom party discipline and unity means nothing.
The result, if you were in a fire fight and needed air-support, you sure couldn’t count on this batch of Senate Republicans to come to the rescue. In fact, they would probably run the other way!
Although I can respect conservatives such as Rand Paul, R-Ky., who considered the Senate proposal "Obamacare Lite" and a betrayal of Republican principles by "bailing out" insurance companies, I don't have the same respect for Republican "moderates" who have apparently come to like Obamacare’s federal goodies.
Some would call them "RINOS"—Republicans in name only. I prefer to label them "Democrat-lites."
At the first Democratic, media and left-wing artillery barrage saying the Senate proposal represented "tax cuts for the rich" and will kill thousands, these "Democrat-lites" turned tail, running for liberal cover. They were played like a violin by Democrats and the media, and danced to their tune.
Apparently, these Democrat-lites have become addicted to their own political opioid: the expansion of the Medicaid entitlement beyond caring for the poor and those unable to do for themselves to include able-bodied adults.
Until the president called all Senate Republicans to the White House for lunch, any hopes to get something done were dashed when three Democrat-lites — Sens. Shelly Moore Capito, R-W.Va., Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Lisa Murkowski, R- Alaska — said they would not even support an effort to pass a bill that would repeal Obamacare now and work on a replacement over the next two years.
The main problem is that both the Democrat-lites and conservatives, by continuing their opposition to the Senate bill — which would impose annual caps on Medicaid spending and end what has been an open-ended entitlement — ruin any chance for slowing the growth of this massive entitlement.
Since the beginning of the healthcare debate, Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate have allowed Democrats to control the narrative and message — GOP proposals were going to bring doom and gloom, kill thousands of people and be a gift for the rich.
Democrats and their leftist supporters organized protests and scored unanswered media points one after the other while Republicans were virtually silent, offered no counter attacks, and put up little defense of their own bill. As usual, at the first sign of Democratic and media attacks, Democrat-lites ran for the hills.
In fact, we heard more positive points about the Senate bill in five minutes from the president during the lunch with the senators than we have heard from Senate Republicans in the past five weeks.
Republicans have been outgunned and out messaged by Democrats. The GOP has lacked fortitude, vision, message, commitment, stamina, and political savvy. Democrats at least show that they believe in and are willing to fight for something.
So what do Republicans believe in? We'll see next week when they have a chance to support a procedural motion to at least consider the Senate bill.
If they do not, it will not be forgotten in 2018

Friday, July 14, 2017

BlakPAC GOTV Revolution

#BlakPAC is scheduling GOTV training for Campaigns that want and need to get Minorities excited about voting for Republican Candidates Schedule your seminar here The Revolution of the Ballot Box is coming to a neighborhood near you.