Sunday, November 8, 2015

Free your Mind and the rest will follow

CS Bennett
BlakPac Columnst

A funny thing occurred while I was watching the presidential debates on CNN. First, it was unthinkable that the highest rated broadcast in CNN’s history happened to be a republican presidential debate. The irony is palatable. Secondly, I text a friend of mine, who is an Obama supporter, and her returning text came back with two defining words: ‘Watching Debate’.

She of all people was the last person I ever expected to be watching anything with the word republican in it. But then I thought about it. She is Black, is highly educated, and out of a job and is barely making ends meet. She’s currently working on a doctoral degree while she subs as a teacher, which is usually two or three times a week, and continues to be a financial struggle. The point is that this Obama supporter wanted to hear what the republicans had to offer and that is why she tuned in.

People are beginning to wake up. Something is amiss in America and constituents from both sides of the aisles sense it. Government spending is out of control, government regulation is off the chart, the economy is about to freefall, and our country is being overrun by people from other cultures and with the help of our leaders. Not surprisingly, establishment politicians are out of favor.

In addition to this, our values, customs and our way of life are being diminished and pushed aside in favor of outside customs and cultures invading our shores with no intent on assimilating into ours. Finally, government is going after our children with indoctrination programs and left-wing propaganda, all which is anti-American.
In our eyes, government has gone too far when they go after our children. As a result Americans are revolting all across the fruited plains. Programs like Common Core have to go! We do not like it and furthermore, there was nothing wrong with the way our generation was taught.

Less we forget, our generation invented the personal computer, the IPad, hi-definition television, and the Internet. We sent men to the moon, built the fastest jets that ever flew, and we also built the most technological fighting force the world has ever seen and all with a slide rule.

On another matter, requiring our children to report back to government about their parent’s habits, comings and goings, and whether or not we are gun owners, has got to stop too. It is unethical, un-American, and unconstitutional and will not be tolerated.

In other countries, citizens are bullied and pushed around by their dictators and political leaders. In America, government can push its citizens but so far before they wake up and begin to push back. And if necessary their push will become a shove.

And if that is not enough, they will arm themselves. And government better realize that they are prepared to stand their ground. Liberty and freedom from government is in our DNA. We will rebel. And that is exactly what is occurring right before our eyes.

It is no surprise that government is astonished that we are not going along with the program. They do not understand that when they began to force us to do this and do that, that was the final straw. In the name of the Almighty, and the principles laid down by our Founding Fathers, we have decided to put the government back in its rightful place.

Americans are tired of having an apologist for a leader. Americans are tired of being badmouthed. And we are tired of being forced and assaulted by government on all fronts; to include education, housing, medical matters, 1st and 2nd Amendment matters, and this dastardly thing called political correctness. We are tired of our rights being trampled upon by an ever growing and oppressive government.

We Americans are saying is this; Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid and Supreme Court Justice Roberts, and other likeminded entities are not going to dictate to us anything that is not sanctioned by our Constitution and we aim to let them know that. If they haven’t heard, they have awakened a sleeping giant and that giant is its massive citizenry.

The way we see it, we’re on a war-footing like never before in our history. It has come down to ‘we the people’ verses big government and special interest groups. The survival of our country and our freedoms is at stake here. And yes, we aim to correct this and the injustices our bloated government has rained down on us.

Sadly, our democrat counterparts are seeking salvation in an avowed communist instead of remaining true to the principles of our Founding Fathers and the United States Constitution. But the fact that they are just as livid with government as is, is in itself telling. The funny thing is that the beltway politicians probably have no clue that they are about to be targeted next by ‘we the people’ when their election cycle comes up.
As for republicans, conservatives and constitutionalists, we are making a stand for our rights and our way of life. We are drawing a definitive line in the sand. Our message is a unified ‘we’re had enough and we are not going to take this anymore’. We on the conservative side know that the government is supposed to work for us, not rule over us. We also remember what happened in Germany decades ago and we know it can happen to us too.

That is when Hitler came into power, not by force, but by coercion and by way of nationalist propaganda. The people elected him into office and soon after that he joined forces with the elite of Germany who helped him expand his power and influence. In time, Hitler convinced ailing President Paul von Hindenburg to appoint him chancellor on Jan. 30, 1933 — setting Germany on a course to war and genocide.

What this monster unleashed after he gained absolute power is beyond deplorable. And who came to the rescue of Europe and the rest of the world? The United States of America and its military and those who worked in factories back home to support the war effort. How easy we forget history and its lessons.

When Hitler came onto the political scene in Germany, the German people were in a bad way, much like America is in now. Effects of the debt from the First World War were still evident in everyday life. People were starving and many were homeless. Unemployment was high and the future looked bleak. Then comes along a charismatic ideologue named Hitler who promised the German people a better life and even the world.

Hitler played on the angst the citizenry had and promised to make things better when no one else could. He delivered a grand scheme that he convinced the people would be fool proof. Once he gained the confidence of the people, he went after religious institutions and those who voiced dissent. He did this by forming the feared SA and SS military units. Tyranny was the end result. That is not going to happen here in America. As a nation, we are adverse to tyrants.

The reality is this; Obama and his minions have underestimated the will of the American people. And establishment republicans have as well. Just look at their response when Ben Carson spoke the truth. Many thought his response to Muslims being president was political suicide as a result of his political inexperience. It is they who do not get it. Ben spoke the truth by expressing what nearly all Americans believe and think. We dare tired of slick masters who shun the truth for political expediency and gain.

Do not think for a moment that establishment types and this current administration are not nervous over what they are seeing and that is a revitalized citizenry who are now focused on politics and everything related to it. That is why we have had back to back record breaking audiences for these two presidential debates.

Fellow Americans, keep the pressure on. This land is your land, this land is my land. Nowhere in that song does it say that our land belongs to the government. Continue to stand your ground. Make your children and grandchildren proud of you. After all, you are doing this for them.

Do not doubt that your voices are being heard up and down Pennsylvania Avenue and all across Capitol Hill. For America and its future, this is a good thing.
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