Tuesday, November 17, 2015

BlakPac is Ready, Willing and Able to Win

                                     By Raynard Jackson
BlakPac.gop Blogger

Raynard is sick and tired of Republicans constantly telling me that they “can’t find Black Republicans” to hire for their presidential campaigns or they “don’t know where to find Black entrepreneurs to engage with.”

Well, you find them the same place you find Biff and Buffy to hire for your campaigns; and you find Black entrepreneurs the same way you find Chuck and Shane. 

Most people call their friends for recommendations when looking to hire someone.  They call people they know and trust.  I’ll let you decide what that says about all these Republicans who constantly tell me they don’t know where these Black Republicans are.

This frustration felt by others led to the creation of  BlakPac the first and only Super PAC established to get more Blacks involved in the Republican Party.  Our focus is strictly on the Minority candidates, voters,and entrepreneurs.

Far too many Republicans think they know more about the Black community than a Black person; consequently, they think the gateway to the our community is the preacher or issues like criminal justice reform, abortion, or crack/cocaine disparities.

As I tell these Republicans, “I have been Black all of my life” and I know what issues are most important to my community; and the issues above are not it.

In the Black community, the businessman is the gateway to us.  He is typically the chairman of the board of trustees at our church and in many cases the head of the deacon board.  If you get the entrepreneur on your side, he will bring you the pastor and the pastor will bring you the congregation.

If Republicans understood this, they would gain more traction within the Black community.  Not one presidential candidate has met with any Black Republican businessmen.  Our congressional leadership has never convened a meeting of Black Republican businessmen but it starts with credibly and trust.

 These businessmen have the wherewithal to write political checks, but they see no value in doing so because they believe they are not welcomed in the Republican Party.

BlakPac will have several major announcements in regards to solving these issues very soon. Visit www.blakpac.com for moire information or to make a donation or become a member

BlakPac members have met with several presidential candidates and they have indicated a serious willingness to engage with us to address some of these concerns. 

BlakPac held its inaugural Dinner with United Congressman David Jolly and  a series of conference calls across the country with some of the top Black elected officials and businessmen in the country—Democrat,   The question is “Is the Republican Party ready to engage with them?” In 2016, BlakPac's hosting Candidate Training and special events nationwide.
Republican, and Independent; none are opposed to engaging with the Republican Party.

Is the Republican Party ready to deal with the devastation Obama has wreaked on the small and minority business community?  Under Bush, Blacks received 8% of all loans coming from the Small Business Administration (SBA); under Obama, that number is now only 1.8%.  What are Republicans willing to do to address this issue?

Obama has totally destroyed the Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCU) community.  This directly impacts an entrepreneur’s ability to grow his business if he can’t find people with the right skill set to hire.  What are Republicans willing to do to address this issue?

Obama’s excessive regulations are smothering the small business community.  What solutions will Republicans offer to remedy this situation?

If Republicans are willing to engage with the Black business community based on solving real problems; you won’t have to worry about how they will vote or where they will give their money.  They are problem solvers and enthusiastic supporters of capitalism and the American Dream.

BlakPac is a conduit that will bring together the brightest and the best businessmen to engage with our party’s leadership; and if they would only make them feel welcomed into this party, they will be pleasantly surprised at the many things they both have in common.

BlakPac will serve not only as the PR firm; but also their booking agent when groups are looking for speakers.  This will include placing them in the media and all the talking head TV shows. BlakPac data targeting s the most effective n the minority community.

 BlakPac is already delivering our messaging on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter and into both local and national media and have been featured by Bloomberg and the New York Times. Our Facebook and Tweets have thousands of followers.

Our goal at BlakPac is to make America’s future brighter by uplifting and showcasing the true leaders in the Black community.

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