Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ben Carson and BlakPac agree

Clarence McKee
BlakPac Columnist
Rewritten with permission of the author 

Probably the last thing on the minds of most contenders for the GOP nomination — except for Dr. Ben Carson — is winning over minority voters.

The first goal is to lock up major donors, the second is to get the nomination. Of course, the third is winning in November 2016.The question is how to win. The answer came from Dr. Ben Carson, himself in the 2016 GOP presidential hunt.

He recently wrote, “The Republican Party is in serious trouble . . . Without winning over minority voters, it will be nearly impossible for the GOP to win another presidential election — leaving the future of conservatism in serious jeopardy.”

 Carson’s words appeared in a fundraising letter for BlakPac, a black conservative political group with an outstanding record of support for conservative candidates and principles. Carson has chosen the right messenger.
BlakPac specializes in getting the conservative message to minority communities and supporting candidates — regardless of color — who share its commitment to its basic principles, including: school choice vouchers, charter schools, and home schooling; the sanctity of life and opposition to government funded and partial-birth abortions; and providing tax cuts and other financial incentives for entrepreneurs to revitalize urban areas.

BlakPac candidates of interest in the 2015 and 2016 elections include Sen. Elbert Guillory(R) LA, Carla Spalding and Mary Thomas(R) of FL and  Dr Kelli Ward (AZ) with more to come.

His point that, “most minorities have never heard the truth about conservatism” is valid. In most cases, GOP candidates do not even attempt to engage minority communities, especially blacks. If they do, it is in the last weeks before an election to show “we are not racist" — too late. The obvious question, “Where have you been for the last few years?” 
Carson obviously agrees with BlakPac concluding his letter with, “You and I must begin reaching out to minority voters immediately. …”

When have we ever heard a Republican, black or white, ever say that — especially at this stage of the presidential sweepstakes?

Hopefully, more of the 2016 GOP candidates will make reaching out to minorities — Asians, blacks and Hispanics — a key part of their agendas. School choice, sanctity of life, strong families, and urban revitalization resonate strongly among these voter groups, just as it does with tea party conservatives. It will also send a message — “We care.”

So why do what Carson is asking? As he tells potential BlakPac contributors, “…even a 5 percent increase in minority votes for conservatives could stop a Democratic victory in 2016.”

Hats off to him for reminding the GOP in these early days of candidate contention, that no matter whom the nominee is, if they repeat the dreadful 2012 performance with minorities in 2016, it will be all over — again.

He sure makes a lot of sense. Will the others listen? Will he become the conscience of the GOP on outreach? Will they follow his roadmap?  Will you join or donate today at

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