Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Chicago War Games

Clarence V. Mckee
BlakPac Columnist

Chicago is America’s “Afghanistan." An 11-month old child was wounded recently and his mother and grandmother were killed in a drive-by shooting in front of their house.

There has been a 21 percent increase in murders and shootings with 370 murders thus far this year. There were 60 shootings last month; and, according to the Chicago Tribune, someone in Chicago has been shot every 2.84 hours this year for a total of 2,349 shootings during the period of Jan. 1, 2015 to Oct. 6, 2015.

The question is whose fault is it that so many blacks have been shot or killed in the president’s home town where his former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is mayor?

Emanuel blames the police; a majority of Chicago black Aldermen blame Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy and want him fired; and, McCarthy blames lax gun laws and the courts. Emanuel gets a pass

He believes rising crime in Chicago is due to cops becoming "fetal” out of fear of doing something wrong during arrests in the aftermath of police shootings in Ferguson and Baltimore.

He says that police “have pulled back from the ability to interdict . . . they don’t want to be a news story themselves, they don’t want their career ended early, and it’s having an impact.”

What a cop out!

What about all of the killings before Ferguson and Baltimore? Whose was fault was it then — cops being fetal? Not quite. The facts show that murder in Chicago was rampant well before Ferguson and Baltimore.

Citing a police analysis, a World News Daily article back in 2013 pointed out that between 2003 and 2011 there were 4,265 murders in Chicago.

It further states that the “death toll by murder in Chicago over the past decade is greater than the number of American forces who have died in Afghanistan.”
Also, “police reports show that most of the city’s massive murder mayhem is black-on-black crime . . . blacks were the victims of 75 percent of the . . . murders . . . and the offenders in 75 percent . . . ”

Blacks are 33 percent of Chicago’s population and whites are 32 percent. Yet, only 6 percent of the victims were white and were accused of only 4 percent of the murders. 

What if a significant number of those 4,265 killed had been white and 75 percent of the killers had been black? Or, a majority of the 370 killed this year had been white? What if the shootings were random drive-by on Chicago’s loop or in elite neighborhoods?
Would Emanuel have blamed the police? Probably not, he would have most likely fired the police chief and requested the National Guard.

Would the issue have been ignored by Democrats in their debate just as veterans’ affairs, tax policy, and ISIS were? No! Would the phrase “Black Lives Matter” have become “All Lives Matter?” 


Would the president run off to console white victims’ families in Chicago as he has when white adults, students, and children were slaughtered in other cities yet has not seen fit to meaningfully comment on the hundreds and thousands of black families who have lost loved ones to black on black violence in his own home town? That’s probably why we didn’t hear about Chicago’s shooting and killing fields during the Democrats' debate. They spent their time spouting innocuous and patronizing comments kowtowing to the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

There was no mention of the fact that, in Chicago and most cities, as pointed out above, the victims are disproportionately black. That issue was shoved under the Democrats’ politically correct bible which preaches the “don’t criticize killers of innocent black children, parents or grandparents — unless they are white or cops.”
Just as patronizing was that moderator Anderson Cooper left the “Black Lives Matter” issue to his black colleague Don Lemon.

Let’s be frank. History and current events show that, to the “Black Lives Movement” crowd and their political allies, a black life in Chicago, Baltimore, and elsewhere matters more if taken by a white than a black. And, in most cases, a white life matters just a little bit more regardless of who takes it.

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