Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Are you Brainwashed?

BlakPac Columnist
CS Bennett

I recently spoke with a lifelong democrat and a naturalized citizen from the Caribbean separately about
politics and the two prominent political parties in America. After conversing with these two women, and it was a challenge because both were close friends, it was apparent to me why presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, has struck a chord with voters on the Left.

The Left is adept at appealing to the emotional side of their voters. And they have been successful at labeling the Republicans as cold and greedy capitalists. Class envy has been impressed upon the Left’s constituency and almost at the DNA level. Time and time again, it has been implied that Republicans are racists, bigots, and heartless when it comes to social issues and the welfare of minorities.
The lifelong democrat, in her eighties, stated that she, and her family members, were lifelong democrats and was quick to label the republicans the enemy. Her reasons; democrats cared about the poor to the point of giving them free healthcare. Republicans were dispassionate and selfish.

My Caribbean friend’s views on this subject followed a day later; that capitalism was detrimental to the welfare of people and that socialism was about equality while capitalists were motivated by greed. Both of my friends are uninformed and misinformed based on what I learned about their background and political IQ.
I point out that my island friend is a business major working on her doctorate degree and is probably influenced by her liberal leaning text books. She also belongs to a religious group that discourages involvement in politics. As such, her understanding of the nuances of politics is grossly limited.
My elderly friend has been influenced by what she has learned from family members, most of them democrats, and the liberal media complex. She is computer illiterate and her exposure to opposing views is almost nonexistent. People like my two friends are prime targets for liberal indoctrination.

By attaching their agenda to a humanitarian, moral and religious cause, liberals have been able to hide their true intent from their uninformed and misinformed constituency. Who would not want to be on the side of righteousness and social justice?
Knowing this, politicians on both sides of the aisle come up with legislation touting names such as Social Security and No Child Left Behind and the Affordable Care Act and the Patriot Act.
To guarantee overall acceptance of their agenda, the Left has gone beyond the government and the church and made it a priority to influence and corrupt the minds of our children.
Today our children are nothing more than pawns in the eyes of liberals. They are to be brainwashed, propagandized, and turned into social justice, anti-capitalists and environmental fanatics. This is done
via the school’s curriculum and Hollywood cinema. Our children have become the products of what they are being taught and what they are seeing on entertainment media.

Opponents of our governing system know that children are the perfect deception, the most innocent of decoys. Through our youths liberals have a vessel they can continue to program and direct in bringing about the continual dismantlement and destruction of the most powerful nation known in modern times.
Where is Congress one might ask? Where is the opposition party one wonders?
Unfortunately, establishment republican leadership has never concerned themselves with the core values which made the Republican Party the model for compassion and minority engagement. Few even realize, or care, that theirs is the party that liberated an oppressed people and secured their rights and liberties.
These leaders, if you can call them that, seem to be responsible for the poor image the party has with minorities. Though liberals have lied about their role in slavery, and are trying their best to anything that may shed light in their role in it, the republican leadership has not taken liberal to task for their blatant lies nor found it necessary to expose their socialist leanings.

Political apathy is another culprit. My friends, the two featured above, have no knowledge of who Sal Alinsky is or Bill Ayers and Margaret Sanger. They know nothing of the roles these people have played in the lives of socialists such as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Barack Hussein Obama and other prominent progressive/Marxist/socialists.
Few know that they are being led, much like sheep to their slaughter by false prophets such as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Hussein Obama. Like those two infamous religious leaders Jim Jones and David Koresh, who began their pursuit and control over others by offering them a better deal than the one they felt they were handed, the Democrat Party is no different in their methodology and deception.
First, they promise to take care of their constituency’s needs because they care and it is the humane and moral thing to do. Like the two self-appointed religious leaders mentioned above, liberals have become adept at using scriptures, and the church, to validate, justify and solidify their positions and expand their control over their subjects.

On the other hand, they are aggressive and relentless when it comes to demonizing the very people, or organizations, that can liberate the people under their captive influence and control.
They attack conservatives and capitalism. They push class envy, as well. They talk about inequality and fairness. They demonize the wealth producers. Their aim is to take from the rich and give to the poor. The proper term for this is distribution. They like to call it social justice.
How much we earn is largely based on our natural, or acquired skills and talents, and how much those skills and talents are worth, as judged in the eyes of others.
Socialists believe that they, not the market, should decide incomes. Of course, we know where they will place themselves at on the income scale. But like everything the Left goes after, it is all about controlling others.

Basically, this is why liberals love people who are informed. The ill-informed are more susceptible to emotional arguments. They are more likely to see life as a zero-sum game. They are more likely to believe that the prosperous become so only at someone else’s expense.
Such ill-informed people see government as their guardian, their protector. They only know what they are told, not what they learn through research and self-discovery. They believe all is well as long as the country is under democrat rule.
What they do not know, or understand, is that under the puppet master’s control, rights are eroded and liberties and freedoms are taken away; and all under the guise of protecting the people. Let’s face it; there are those who want to be taken care of who succumb to these schemes.
The problem for republicans is that they have got to balk up on their party’s history and let those who are touched and moved on an emotional level that the party of Lincoln is the party of true compassion. It is the party of liberty and freedom. And it has the history to back it up. It is also the party of prosperity. And who does not want to prosper?

Get people to understand that capitalism is what made this nation and its citizens prosperous, and that it remains sound, and you begin to turn the tide of how people feel about the grand ole party.
All republicans need do is articulate their party’s history and what they stand for. They also need to remind people about the history of the Democrat Party, one that supported and institutionalized slavery and has fought every civil rights legislation that was passed.
If the party fails to do this, and the liberals get their way, they will be no better custodians than the two warped minded self-professed prophets mentioned earlier. They will disarm the people and then control every aspect of their lives.

And once they control your life, they are in a position to take your life….then it’s game over.
When that happens, the America we know now will cease to exist.
“The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” – Thomas Jefferson

The ill-informed are more susceptible to emotional arguments. They are more likely to see life as a zero-sum game. They are more likely to believe that the prosperous become so only at someone else’s expense.
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