Saturday, July 18, 2015

Presidential candidate or drum major for the Trump brand?

WASHINGTON, June 15, 2015 — Donald Trump has done everything wrong in his run to be President of the the United States. He is neither a politician nor someone who can be held to the high pedestal of conservative values.
He does not know how not to answer a question; he does not know how to avoid tough issues; he does not know to placate voters. But maybe that is what makes him refreshing.
Unfettered neither by campaign manager nor political savvy, Donald Trump is the drum major for the brand of Donald Trump.
Trump keeps talking about his many conservative qualities, who he is and what he believes, all while leaving out the multiple marriages and bankruptcies he has suffered, issues that might dog any other candidate — Democrat or Republican.
The Donald ignores his personal failings with a “nothing new to see here folks” attitude. He is the Teflon Don and the press loves him. He is delivering the message he wants to talk about and doing so in a manner that is always blunt and totally unfiltered. This gives him the candidate’s version of free cotton candy: free air time from a gleeful media.
While Trump enjoys his 15 minutes of political fame, he repeatedly breaks Ronald Reagan’s eleventh commandment: “A Republican shall not speak ill of another Republican.” He did it most recently when he said that while he thinks Jeb Bush is a “nice man,” he’s terrible at negotiating.
“I think Trump will do a lot better,” he told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “You think so, too, but you’re not going to say it.”
This dig at the former governor of Florida and the leading candidate for the Republican nomination had an extra kick, as one of the biggest conservative complaints against President Obama is his inability to negotiate due to his “my way or highway” style.
Trump loves tough issues, and immigration is a tough issue that both Democrats and Republicans have avoided by pretending to institute reform while actually kicking the issue down the road.
Trump is talking immigration head on, stating his views without ducking.
Trump naysayers say the real-estate mogul’s stance on immigration is turning scores of Hispanics away from the Republican Party, a constituency that many feel the Republican Party cannot afford to lose in 2016.
Donald Trump answers questions via the filter of Donald.
During an interview with Anderson Cooper, when asked if he was using illegal workers on a Washington DC construction site, Trump turned the question around and asked Anderson to give him the names of the workers so he could take appropriate action.
The average politician would had given the standard, “That is not our policy — let me get back to you” response.
But the reality is that Donald Trump is not a politician. He is not going to placate you with what you want to hear; he is telling you what he would do. It has been a long time since the American people have heard straight talk like this.
But is this the straight talk we want?
The only thing the American people really want to hear from Donald Trump is the answer to the question, “Are you really in, or is this just a bit of personal diversion in a billionaire’s life?”

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