Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ethnic PAC's make difference in Presidential Race

Black Americans and the numerous groups that represent them, including the NAACP, the Urban League and the Black Greek Organizations have never made the down payment necessary to fully participate in the American Political process. Our participation is usually a pity party approach, a hand out without a hand in. A political action committee is organized for the purpose of raising and spending money to elect and defeat candidates. Blakpac is organized for the purpose of electing Black candidates and defeating candidates that withhold education and infrastructure improvements from Black communities BlakPac is the largest and strongest PAC focused on Black Americans and is achieving remarkable results.

It's not that Blacks can not raise huge sums of money to influence elections. it's that our leading organizations are too busy throwing parties and soirees. Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey and Essence throw great parties to raise money for scholarships. Oprah used her influence to sell millions of President Obama's fiction "Dreams from my Father" yet, when it comes to making the political contributions necessary to open the doors of governmental opportunity and access, Black Americans are not there. We fail to contribute to individual Black candidates and to PAC's. Blakpac has changed that dynamic and is putting Black conservatives on the ballot around America.

Let us make this clear. There is a "quid pro quo" in politics. If you want to complain about the street lights and lack of landscaping in your community but never made a contribution to your city council member, your complaints and phone calls will end up in the round file. If you make the down payment necessary for a candidate to win the primary, you just opened the doors of access. That is how our system works. Do not hate the player, hate the game - but play it right.

When Black politicians have to rely on others to fund their campaigns, that is who they are going to respond to first. We can change this by 2016. Blakpac voter education reaches and teaches how to activate Black conservative voters, and teaches the process of legally contributing to and electing black conservatives. Blakpac then engages those elected with the process to read and legally influence the governmental budget process to improve their communities.
A PAC that focuses on one ethnic group is not a new idea and is perfectly legal. There are numerous ethnic PAC's operating to influence laws and opportunity for their constituents. There is the Asian Pacific Americans for Progress (, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee ( and the Latino Victory Project ( started by Eva Longoria. For military candidates, there is The Gaurdian Fund (, the Fredomworks ethnic pac ( backed by Steve Forbes and Freedom Partners ethnic pac ( backed by the Koch Brothers that spend millions to tilt the system and pass laws that help them make billions more. Most Black Americans want safe neighborhoods and goods schools but by not participating fully in politics, we continue to rely on corporations that use PAC's effectively and profit from the criminal justice system to set Blacks up for failure.
In most small towns and suburbs, $5,000 dollars is all it takes to elect a city or county commissioner, an aldermen, a school board member or even a sheriff. Blakpac as a Super Pac can get involved in any campaign anywhere in the United States. If you want us come to your community, contact us at Let's finally make the down payment and pay our way. Make the decision to contribute to Blakpac or to contribute individually to a local candidate, Thank you for your continued financial support.
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