Saturday, July 18, 2015

BlakPac wins over Urban Voters

Dear Blakpac Friends:
On Tuesday, May 19, 2015, Sam Newby (R) defeated a liberal democrat on the east end of the I4 corridor in the Jacksonville City Council District 5 Race. He was outspent $139,600 to $8,600 but won with a good old fashioned grass roots campaign and Blak Pac support.

The City of St. Petersburg, Florida,is on the west end of the I4 Corridor and has many of the same problems of Jacksonville Florida and for years, the residents of the lower income sections of both cities voted Democratic hoping for better times that never came. Well, the wait is over. Finally, a well qualified Conservative Black Republicans are running and winning in heavily Democratic communities Absentee ballots are being mailed out starting July 21, 2015 and the Primary election is August 25, 2015 for Sheila Scott Griffin.

Sheila Scott Griffin (R) is known for her no-nonsense stands for her community. While she is unassuming and humble, she quickly captivates an individual or audience by presenting a dynamic, electic, often humorous and always well - researched presentation of facts, options and outcomes. Whether she is fighting for one citizen's rights or working within a leadership group, Sheila brings integrity and insight to ideas and decisions. Sheila Scott Griffin IS OUR "Game Changer."

She has experience working with government, faith-based and community leaders, Mrs. Griffin brings her passion for serving our community, leadership for justice and experience in regional planning and conflict resolution. Mrs. Griffin is married to Michael and together they have a blended family of five adult children and a host of surrogate children. Blakpac needs your generous contributions immediately to win another battle along the I4 Corridor. Visit today and become a member today..

This is urgent. We must win urban communities to win the Presidential race in 2016
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