Monday, June 15, 2015

Change is overdue at NAACP

The NAACP has been found out. It is a fake civil rights organization operating as a political action committee fronting for the Democratic National Committee and extorting major corporations for guilt money while advancing opportunities for colored people. At its worse, its a shakedown racket in line with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Jesse Jackson, jr. In case you did not know, colored people do not exist as a constituency, therefore, the NAACP represents itself and no one else. On the local level, NAACP  dinners provide a cover to liberal democratic politicians to attend one event every year and continue policies that deny education and opportunity to Black communities. Pastors C.L Bryant and Manual Sykes are just two of the leaders that have left the NAACP due to  its duplicity.

Rachel Dolezal is a white woman with a love for Black people, so she faked it just like the NAACP has been faking it for the last 50 yeas. They faked it when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. asked for assistance in June 1963 for the March on Washington. After the NAACP balked, he worked with the Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee, the Congress of Racial Equality and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference to make the the historic event happen. Only after the March on Washington was a done deal did the NAACP hop on the bandwagon to freedom.

The NAACP represents positions detrimental to Black Americans like opposition to traditional marriage and opposition to school choice and  opposition to the second amendment An example of it's dishonor are the millions accepted from  racist Donald Sterling while allowing him to operate substandard housing for minorities. The NAACP also paid millions in bribes to conceal the sexual harassment of former NAACP president Ben Chavis. This, folks, is not a civil rights organization.

I understand that many people want to work for a better America and see the NAACP as an organization that can help them achieve this goal.  Unfortunately, that organization ceased to exist. First, The NAACP needs to change its name. Second, they need to retool as the PAC and register with the Federal Elections Commission. Failing one and two, they should close down as a civil rights organization due to ineffectiveness alone.  They are headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. Case Closed.

There are organizations more in line with your goals, your faith and your politics, Consider CORE led by Niger Innes or Blakpac led by George Farrell. These organizations are fighting for Black America, not against it. We are promoting conservative values that save families and political solutions that create businesses and jobs.  If you are ready to move America forward, make a contribution today at
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