Saturday, July 18, 2015

BlakPac Membership has Priviledges

A revolution for the soul of America is at hand and it is being led by Compassionate Conservatives. BlakPac has emerged as a leading voice for the Conservative Movement. Our mission is to develop a strong, effective and informed majority of voters to help save America and Families, inform the public through political education, and garner support for strong conservative candidates.
A recent Gallup poll revealed that 26% of Black-American voters self-identified themselves as conservatives yet voted for candidates with vastly different morals. That 26% is the Compassionate Conservative difference needed to make sure the White House displays only the flag of the United States of America. BlakPac seeks your support and contributions as we ready for battle at the polls and voting booths of America. We ask, if your faith is to match your politics, then choose to support us here and now. Independents, Democrats and Republicans must come together as Compassionate Conservatives today.

Correct the Disconnect
The “Correct the Disconnect” voter education project is conducting polls in urban communities to change past voting trends. Let us assure you, urban communities are tired of the deterioration of their schools and infrastructure and are seeking a new way forward with school choice.

The BlakPac Impact
The BlakPac Impact is working. More Black Conservatives are running for office at all levels than ever before. BlakPac is attracting conservative minority voters and selecting conservative Black American candidates who are Pro-life, support traditional family values and the Second Amendment to the Constitution. In other words, we hate the sin but not the sinner. Our candidates support responsible fiscal management of the US government and job opportunities for a strong community.

In Jacksonville, Florida on  Tuesday, May 19, 2015 Blakpac  assisted Sam Newby (R) in winning the District Five seat. We were outspent $139,600 to $8,700 but won with a good old fashioned grass roots campaign and a conservative message. We educate, recruit and support more minority conservative candidates than any other organization.
BlakPac needs your financial contribution to assist more optimistic conservative candidates, develop organizational and political strategies, give direct and in kind contributions, provide technical assistance, conduct voter education campaigns and do good old grass roots services to our nation’s voting population.
Your influence is vital to our efforts. Together, we have the power to change our country for the better. Its simple, volunteer, meet and talk with your neighbors about this issue, spread the word via social media, donate, or become a BlakPac Annual Member. Join us today. We need your support.
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