Saturday, March 6, 2010




Thank you all for supporting the BOYCOTT of the ST PETERSBURG TIMES!!!  I really want to thank Mr. Paul Tash. After reading about the disorder and chaos within this business, I realized that this PEOPLES BOYCOTT was brought on by Mr. Tash himself.

Freedom Magazine, in its January edition has exposed what, when taken together, shows and organization in decline.  Click the link below to read about this for yourself.
Since Mr. Tash became Editor, CEO and Chairman of the St. Petersburg Times in 2004, he has destroyed what at one time was a highly respected publication.

Less than 6 years after his promotion to the top, Mr Tash and his inept leadership has created the atmosophere of failure and incompetence that has seen decreases in newspaper circulation, the awarding of a $10,149,000.00 libel lawsuit in Tampa (one of the largest in newpaper history) a fire sale of  valuable journalism assets, a five percent across the board decrease in staff salary, infighting with George Radhert, the newspapers First Amendment attorney that spilled out in the newspaper and doubt within the Tampa Bay community if this newpaper will be around by 2014.

THE PEOPLES BOYCOTT has been a big success because Mr. Tash and the St Petersburg Times are so unjust and bigoted.  Your BOYCOTT has recieved international media attention and more because the GOOD PEOPLE believe in fighting against religious Bigotry in all forms.

Untill this Newspaper goes the way of Woolworth Department Store, we will continue our effort to close it down. Thank you Mr. Tash for your support of the BOYCOTT. We never would have started it without your feeble leadership.

George Farrell

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