Friday, March 5, 2010



The St Petersburg Times own attorney is now the subject of the poisen pen, but this was lightweight.

Mr. George Rahdert got kid glove treatment. We do not get to review his personal or business tax returns, learn his religious affiliation, his sexual orientation or age, locate his residence or the type of car he drives, or the amount of compensation from the St Petersburg Times, but nontheless, this article shows why The St. Petersburg Times deserves to be boycotted.

Why is it worth mentioning that Jessica Hollingworth and her business partners are Scientologist? Would it matter if they were Catholic, Jewish, Methodist, Baptist, Muslim, Athiest or Treehuggers. Why not mention Mr. Rahderts religion or lack of religion? RELIGION not important or even relative to the article "DEVELOPER NEEDS CASH TO FINISH FENWAY RESORT RENOVTION IN DUNEDEN."

Responsible journalist and newspapers understand that religion is a freedom that should not be violated. The St Petersburg Times continues to violate the rights of people to freely enjoy and practice the religion of thier choice.

That is why this BOYCOTT is observed by so many people and supported by religious organizations, businesses, pastors, ministers and lawyers. We do not believe religion is an item to be denigrated or dictated by the PRESS.

 PLEASE continue the BOYCOTT until this paper disappears.
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