Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bailout Bonanza

For 130 years until 1999 Goldman Sachs was privately owned. Then. they went public and in less than ten years, the company has been raped and ransacked by every board member and partner, including Henry Poulson, former Goldman Sachs partner and current United States Treasury Secretary, stripping the firm of its equity and putting it in their pockets.
So what does Goldman Sachs do during their worst year since the Great Depression and the stock has lost 56% in value? Add 94 new partners of course.

What better way to spend 10 billion dollars of tax payer bailout money than to give 94 white people (no black men or black women in this group) a bonus.

But wait, it gets better. Salaries and bonus' amount to 11.4 billion while profit is a measly 4 billion. If you do the math, you will see that the bailout from the Federal Reserve went to salaries and bonuses, not capital and that Goldman Sachs is BANKRUPT. NO CAPITAL NO LIQUIDITY NO ASSETS

The following is the list of new Goldman partners from an internal memo today obtained by the King. I am sure they will enjoy the government cheese

Paul R. Aaron
Sean J. Gallagher
David M. Marcinek
Heather K. Shemilt
Sanggyun Ahn
Gonzalo R. Garcia
Blake W. Mather
Magid N. Shenouda
Philip S. Armstrong
Paul E. Germain
John J. McCabe
Suhail A. Sikhtian
Charles Baillie
Paul Graves
John J. McGuire Jr.
Gavin Simms
Philip R. Berlinski
E. Glenn Hadden
Milton R. Millman III
Marshall Smith
Robert A. Berry
Jonathan J. Hall
Christopher Milner
John D. Storey
Oliver R. Bolitho
Jan Hatzius
Christina P. Minnis
Patrick M. Street
Patrick T. Boyle
Martin Hintze
Takashi Murata
Ram K. Sundaram
Stephen Branton-Speak
Todd Hohman
Todd G. Owens
Robert J. Sweeney
Anne F. Brennan
James P. Houghton
Craig W. Packer
Michael J. Swenson
Samuel S. Britton
Paul J. Huchro
Gilberto Pozzi
Jeffrey M. Tomasi
Jason G. Cahilly
Hidehiro Imatsu
Lora J. Price
David G. Torrible
Martin Cher
Alan S. Kava
Lorin P. Radtke
Frederick Towfigh
Denis P. Coleman III
Dimitrios Kavvathas
Richard N. Ramsden
Greg A. Tusar
Kevin P. Connors
Larry M. Kellerman
Michael J. Richman
Andrea A. Vittorelli
James V. Covello
Hideki Kinuhata
Michael Rimland
Paul Walker
Jeffrey R. Currie
Michael E. Koester
Luigi G. Rizzo
Alasdair J. Warren
Albert F. Dombrowski
J. Christopher A. Kojima
Scott A. Romanoff
Dominic A. Wilson
Thomas M. Dowling
Michiel P. Lap
Julian Salisbury
Steve Windsor
L. Brooks Entwistle
Brian J. Lee
Paul D. Scialla
Martin Wiwen-Nilsson
Stephan J. Feldgoise
David A. Lehman
Peter E. Scialla
Denise A. Wyllie
Benjamin W. Ferguson
Deborah R. Leone
Peter A. Seccia
*Han Song Zhu
Wolfgang Fink
John S. Lindfors
Rebecca M. Shaghalian
Timur F. Galen
H.C. Liu
Devesh P. Shah

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