Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Victory for Everyone

President Elect Barack Obama:

On election day, my good friend Secretary Frank Peterman and I were invited to the Tampa Victory celebration of Barack Obama at the Waterfront Marriott. It was the most loving and diverse crowd of people that I have seen at any political event in a long time. As the votes rolled in and the announcement was made that the United States had elected an America of direct African descent as its President, the group erupted into a loud and joyous roar that lasted for over five minutes, men cried for joy and people hugged.
The rage and anger that had motivated me subsided and gave way to happiness because, for the first time in America, there was irrefutable proof that I , a Black Man, was an American first.
Maybe, just maybe, my monthly traffic stops will stop as I do nothing more than drive my children to school because a new rookie sheriffs deputy views me as a suspect as I leave my neighborhood and wants to check me out.
Maybe, just maybe, a lender will accept the fact that I am a self made millionaire and approve financing for my business endeavors and spare me the lies about a change in the banks direction.
Maybe, just maybe, My white male friends will find something other than sports to talk about with me.
One thing is for sure. The Angry Black Man is retiring and the Happy Black Man will take his place.
God Bless America
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