Tuesday, August 8, 2017

#BlakPAC aims to stop Planned Parenthood in Virginia

Let's help Gillespie   STOP    Planned Parenthood in Virginia

The only way to stop Virginia taxes from paying for Abortion is to elect Ed Gillespie. Ed is not a true conservative. Ed is not a real Trump supporter. Ed is an architect of Black voter suppression when he was at the Republican National Committee which is the reason more Blacks are not Republican, BUT if electing Ed stops one abortion, BlakPAC will work to elect him Governor of Virginia. BlakPac will also work to undo years of bad policy at the RNC for the good of America.

The Virginia Governors Race is still a dead heat as reported by The Washington Post. Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Party are going to spend $3,000,000.00 (Three Million Dollars) and we really need to come with our strategy to fight them in the Minority Communities.  For instance, Democratic Party believes 94% of Black Women believe in abortion, but we know that is not true because 65% of Blacks attend regular church service and are against it.
We know that the Democrats and Planned Parenthood will promise free abortions as late as the eighth month and set up shop in Minority Communities to harvest Baby parts. Minorities do not want handouts but policies that provide for upward mobility like school choice and a growing economy. We also know that. whenever a campaign is this close, Minority voters are the swing voters that decide the outcome and only BlakPac has the experience, tools, data analytics, messaging and grassroots activism to get Minorities to the polls to vote Republican.

Can BlakPac count on you today to Chip In $350, $450, $500, $1000, $5000 or more to increase efforts to stop Planned Parenthood from misinforming voters. Electing Ed Gillespie is the only way keep Virginia tax dollar from funding abortions.

BlakPac is knocking on doors in Minority communities.  We shared the vision of a thriving Virginia that benefits everyone, . Virginia is a big, beautiful and important state so we need your best gift. President Trump did his part. He commissioned the largest most advanced aircraft carrier in the world, the Gerald R Ford in Virginia and Vice President Mike Pence is coming to lend his conservative credentials. The President will need a Republican Governor to keep bringing jobs and prosperity to Virginia.  If we fail, Democrats.and Planned Parenthood will keep killing Babies with Virginia tax dollars.

We need to stop Planned Parenthood in Virginia. BlakPac will bring to Virginia our proven data analytics and social media campaigns that excite the Black community to take action and volunteer for Ed Gillespie and give him the votes needed to win. We made the difference to elect the first woman from Georgia to Congress, Karen Handel, and we can do it again in Virginia on November 7, 2017,  We need to raise Three Million Dollars to fight Planned Parenthood and stop the Democrats cold.
It is imperative to receive your support today to counter the three million dollars that Planned Parenthood is spending to keep harvesting unborn Children.  Donate NOW!

ALL Unborn Children need our protection NOT ONLY MINORITIES. We need to help Ed Gillespie win this race to protect them from a cruel death and  reveal the truth about Planned Parenthood. They do not care about mothers or their rights!

Let's get together to protect the Unborn!
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