Friday, August 19, 2016

Fight for your Rights

By CS Bennett 
BlakPAC Blogger

Yes, the press and the establishment are at it again, even those establishment republicans, all of them joining in the outcry against Donald Trump. Look, we have an election process and no, it is not perfect, but it has, for the most part, served America well. Out of this system have come great leaders for their time and unfortunately, it produced a few horrible leaders, some who came close to bringing this country to the brink of destruction. I too, have been, and still remain, leery of Donald Trump but the electorate has spoken. It is not up to the Sunday morning pundits, or those in the elite ruling class, or the ‘shadow government’ to decide the next American president. It is up to the people and them only. As a political party we need to keep our eyes on the prize... and that is beating Hillary and unmercifully, not because we are mean-spirited but because what she wants to do to the very country we profess to love is mean-spirited. Actually, it is practically evil. We need to defeat her and her liberalism/progressivism cohorts and with whatever weapon we have in our arsenal to do this with. As Malcolm X once said, and I quote, 'And by any means necessary.

Here's the reality folks...Trump is the Republican candidate. Hillary is the Democrat candidate. We know for certain what she wants to do and will do...period. On the other hand, the Donald is a toss up. Logic leaves us with these two options...period. Rehashing what may have been and what should have been during the primary is an exercise in futility at this point in time. And to continue down this path will only ruin our chances of outright victory. It would be tantamount to a self-inflicted wound and all because some refused to support the people's choice. Ever notice that Democrats will rally around their candidates in every race, not because they are in love with their candidates but because they hate us republicans to the rotten core. Should we show any less vigor for our cause?

My compatriots, we have to make the most with the hand we've been dealt with. As a decorated Desert Storm War Veteran, the objective given for your armed forces is to win. Or it used to be. Sure, our men and women may go into battle with M-16s, grenades, air cover, tanks and armor piercing artillery shells but sometimes it comes down to a bayonet or knife in brutal hand to hand combat. This is the nature of warfare folk and believe me this country is at war. It is a war of philosophies and political ideologies. No, we do not always have the best weapons at our deposal when we go into battle but what is more important than any of this is how we win with the weapons we have in the here and now.

On our naval warships, when fighting fires, it is salt water that flows through our fire hoses. We do not waste fresh water when we have all that salty sea water to use. But what happens if we should run out of salt water to battle the fire, especially when we are fighting a nuclear reactor fire on our nuclear ships? We use the least contaminated water available to us after that and so on but we keep fighting the fire. We are trained to be resourceful, to fight on, and make the most out of a bad situation and win.

Trump supporters represent those fed up with the Establishment and want an outsider and a fighter to represent them and Trump is that outsider. He beat the other sixteen republican candidates in fair battle, many of them with a war chest twice the size of Trump’s. And that is a fact. We are not some banana republic where the elites get to have the final say if they do not like the people’s choice.

Overall, we must remain hopeful that the hand we've been dealt with (Donald Trump) will do the right thing or else we are where we would have been if we allowed Hillary to be elected. With Trump, there is a ray of hope that the people whose aim is to place him in office will stay on him like white on rice and ensure that he does the right thing. Who knows, perhaps Donald Trump is the very vessel the Almighty works His will. With Hillary, God is not even in the picture.... and neither is this country's best interest. So, let's go to work in defeating Hillary and her liberalism/progressivism cohorts. While the establishment elites, the Left and sore losers in the republican camp pontificates on ways to derail Trump, why not every republican support the man. The choices are as clear as day and night. Besides, it’s August 2016 and we are quickly running out of time.
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