Saturday, July 16, 2016

Grand Opportunity Party a real possiblity

George Farrell
BlakPAC Chairman

 The GOP can become the Grand Opportunity Party and double the number of Black Elected Officials at the Federal level. Congresspersons Will Hurd(TX),and Mia Love (UT) along with Senator Tim Scott(SC)  could be joined in Congress by Lori Bartley(TX), Glo Smith(FL), Corrogan Vaughn(MD) and Colorado Senate Candidate Darryl Glenn if the Republican Party spares the resources and cash needed for them to run effective campaigns.

Dr. Ben Carson is showing real leadership by pushing for inclusion and recognition of the  record number of Black Conservatives attending the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.  Dr, Ada Fisher is working with the Party to put in place a funding mechanism for Black Candidates. The official speakers program for the week features African Americans Dr. Ben Carson, Omarosa Manigault, Rev. Darrell Scott, Sheriff David Clarke, Darryl Glenn and  Jason Beardley. BlakPAC  has identified a few of the prominent Black Americans attending the Republican National Convention.

New York
Omarosa Manginault

Darryl Glenn
Rex Tomkins
Vicki Tomkins

Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton

Elbert Guillory

North Carolina
Dr, Ada Fisher
Lynette Hardaway
Rochelle Richardson

Dr, Ben Carson       Sean Jackson
Glo Smith
Sheila Griffin
Michael Barnett
Peter Anderson
John Colon
Douglas A; Harrison
RW Bray
Former Rep. Allen West
Katrina Pierson
Henry Childs, Jr

Corrogan Vaughn
Star Parker
Kristal Quarker Hartsfirld

Telly Lovelace

Bruce LeVell
Leah LeVell

Rev. Darrell Scott

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