Wednesday, July 20, 2016

BlakPAC Victory is to the Swift

Victory is to the Swift

House and Senate Seats Up for Grabs
Get Your Multi Cultural Ground Game Going Now!

November is right around the corner and polls continue to depict an ever-tightening senate race in a number of key battleground states. In an ongoing effort to secure states, broaden base appeal, and win over independents, political organizations are rapidly ramping up their ground game. Door-to-door operations, phone banks, and Get-Out-The-Vote programs are increasingly critical components to effective campaigning. BlakPAC has the largest Black Voter database for Republicans and Independents.

From now until November, it’s all about the ground game. Are you ready?

Let BlakPAC put a diverse experienced team together for you.
We are experts in providing:
  • Nationwide coverage for bi lingual canvassers and call-center staff
  • Customizable on-boarding and payroll services
  • Employer of Record options – government compliance and W2 provider
  • Data targeting and proper messaging
  • Multi Media Distribution Channels
  • Largest Minority Database in America
  • Live and Robo calls and Polling
If you could benefit from these services through our partners, contact us. We’ve got over 30 years’ experience and would love to help make your campaign a success!

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