Wednesday, January 20, 2016


For Immediate Release Contact: George Farrell
January 19, 2016 Ph. 727-698-5367

Washington, DC—BlakPac President George Farrell today announced that Republican Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson have named Blacks to key campaign positions. Farrell’s announcement is set out below.

“ BlakPac has been working for months to have Blacks hired in key policy making positions in the campaigns of Republican Presidential candidates.

I am pleased to announce that two of the candidates, Donald Trump and Ben Carson, have named Black political professionals to their campaigns. Trump has hired Derek Hankerson as his Northeast Florida Regional Director responsible for several key counties including Duval which is home to Jacksonville and a must win area for statewide Republican candidates. It has over 5,000 registered Black Repubilcans alone. Hankerson is no stranger to the political scene as he has worked for both Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.

Ben Carson has hired political veteran Lateresa Jones to be his National Black American Director for Ben Carson. Jones is currently working in Iowa in preparing for the important Iowa caucuses in two weeks. From Miami, she is also running as an Independent for the United States Senate seat being vacated by Senator and Presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

These are great moves by Trump and Carson. It is very regrettable that the other GOP contenders have not hired Black campaign staff at decision making levels. Although it is good to have Blacks as advisers and volunteers, it is essential that Blacks be hired in top paying jobs as is the case with white and Hispanic campaign workers. It is regrettable that none of the other Republicans have not seen fit to hire Black staff, especially considering that in the crucial winner-take-all Florid primary, there are 56,000 Black Republican voters at stake as well as large numbers of Black voters at stake in the South Carolina primary.

Finally, just as unfortunate as it is that only Trump and Carson have paid Black staff, it is even more abominable that both Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders have not one paid Black staffer—and their victories really depend on the Black vote in the primaries and General Election!”

BlakPac raises contributions from volunteer donors across the country. We spend it to conduct exit polling, produce television, radio, and mail campaigns along with grass roots outreach on behalf of Conservative candidates where we can make a difference.
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