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George Timothy Farrell was born in 1961 and raised in Washington DC. He is the last of 5 children of George and Isabella Farrell. He is married to Sandra Lopez and have four children. He did his early studies in Nativity Catholic Academy and Archbishop Carroll Catholic School in Washington DC giving him a strong base for his conservative positions. He attended Howard University in Washington DC but decided to attend the police academy months before completing his career in Finance. After Graduating as Police Officer he worked for three years for Metropolitan Police Department in Washington DC. In 1988 he moved to Ecuador for further study and remained there for 3 years. After he returned in 1991, he purchased Morgan Investments in Maryland. After selling this company in 1997, he relocated to Florida. In 1999, he became deeply involved in the political process in Florida helping the second gubernatorial campaign of Jeb Bush. In 2000 he was appointed by Governor Jeb Bush as Florida Human Relations Commissioner. In 2008, he moved to Costa Rica to develop sustainable properties and returned in 2012.
In 2007 he published his first book Angry Black Man Guide to Success. He decided to write this book after interviewing hundreds of black men.[1] His book is based on his and the African American experience  living in United States as a Black Man.[2] He also writes travel articles for
In 2014, he and his wife [3] started the process and created a Super Pac called BlakPac[4] with the purpose to attract conservative minority voters and elect conservative Black American Candidates who support Pro-Life, traditional family values and our nation's Second Amendment to the Constitution.[5][6][7]


Business Life

Mr. Farrell is a Urban Real Estate Developer that preserves the existing character of communities without the displacement or gentrification of current residents or business. He held a Mortgage Brokerage Licenses in Washington, DC, Maryland and Florida. During the 1980s, Mr. Farrell worked closely with religious and civil rights leader Walter Fauntroy to develop a plan to save and restore the Anthony Bowen YMCA, which had fallen into disrepair, in the Historic Shaw Neighborhood of Washington DC. He then served as Associate director of the District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency under Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly from 1991 to 1995 and then as a United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Consultant for Empower Baltimore. As a real estate developer, Mr. Farrell built and sold several developments in Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. In 2003 in Florida, Mr. Farrell began the restoration of another historic landmark that had fallen into disrepair, The Royal Theater Boys and Girls Club, in Midtown, St. Petersburg, Florida, which resulted in the redevelopment of the surrounding community without harming its character or promoting gentrification. Mr. Farrell also developed the first inclusionary zoning project in the state in 2005, but abandoned the project when the Pinellas County Housing Authority refused to provide needed upgrades to Rainbow Village, the neighboring property.[8]

Political Life

Starting as intern for United States Senator Claiborne Pell (D) RI, the young college student Mr. Farrell went on to learn the intricacies of Capital Hill and to influence legislation later in life. His governmental experience encompasses serving as Associate Director of the Washington DC Housing Finance Agency and as a United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Consultant for Empower Baltimore. During Mr. Farrell's time in Washington, DC, he developed the guidelines for the Low-Income Designation adopted by the National Credit Union Administration, worked with the United States Treasury Department to refine the Community Development Financial Institutions Act of 1994, and organized the first two Community Development Financial Institutions. His testimony before the House Subcommittee on Banking led to a fair adjustments to CAMEL rating for smaller financial institutions.

During the 2000 election cycle, Mr. Farrell built a strong coalition of African American Republicans and Democrats to support the second gubernatorial campaingn of Jeb Bush. Mr. Farrell converted conservative African American democrats to republicans including Florida House member Rudy Bradley (R) and then St. Petersburg NAACP Chairman Darryl Rouson. Mr. Farrell also operated the South Pinellas County Jeb Bush campaign office in Tierra Verde, Florida and hosted voter education seminars for Republicans Rudy Bradley, Jeb Bush, John Maroni, and many others. In addition, he secured the endorsements of democrats for Jeb Bush including Jim Hargrett (D) from Tampa. Mr. Farrell was later appointed by Governor Jeb Bush to the Florida Commission on Human Relations to lead the fight against discrimination. Mr. Farrell encouraged Governor Bush's appointment of Janice Starling (R), as the first African American woman to serve on the Pinellas county school Board. He also promoted on the reestablishment of the Florida A&M University Law School in Orlando, Florida in 2000.
During the election cycle of 2014, Mr. Farrell worked hard to energized Black Americans across Florida to support Governor Ric Scott and converted leading African American Pastor and former NAACP President Manuel Sykes[9] from Democrat to Republican and increased Black voter turnout 40% resulting in the defeat of former Governor Charlie Christ George facilitated for Governor Rick Scott's first visit to an African American church at Bethel Community Baptist Church He is recognized as a developer of the most effective minority voter education program in election history.

Community Service

  • The Florida Commission on Human Relations
  • The Pinellas County Parks Board
  • The Tierra Verde Community Association
  • The Pinellas Worknet Board
  • The Tierra Verde-Isla del Sol Chamber of Commerce
  • The National Republican Congressional Committee
  • The Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee


  • Tampa Bay Heritage Award
  • The Superstar Award from the National Minority Women's Economic Development Loan Fund
  • National Outback Superstar Award from the Boys and Girls Club of the Suncoast


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