Saturday, November 21, 2015

Make American Cars Great Again

George Farrell
BlakPac Chair

Make America Great Again. This is not about politics This is not about Donald Trump.  This is about General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.  Will you please make great American cars again? Can you make a car for Weddings, Funerals and Proms? Can you make a car for Business Owners, and Retirees.  We want a soft riding, well made prominent on the road car that our grand children want to ride in but not drive.

The last Great American Road car was the Lincoln Town Car which stopped production in 2011,  Since then, Cadillac's largest automobile is a rebadged Chevrolet Impala. The Lincoln is a rebadged Taurus.  The Chrysler 300 is close but it is not Grand parents material.   The Mature Generation needs a vehicle we can drive on US Highways to see the Grand kids.

The only big impressive automobiles are German, British and Italian, Your choices from lowest to highest start with the The BMW 7 Series, The Mercedes Benz S class, The Maserati Quattroporte,  the Bentiley and Rolls Royce.   Cadillac and Lincoln only have SUV's with a similar wheelbase. While United States SUV's are impressive on the road, they are not cars.

GM emerged from Bankruptcy, Chrysler belongs to FIAT and Ford stayed away from the government cheese but  if our home grown car manufactures are looking to return to prosperity, it's imperative to produce a Great American Road Car.  I am sure the current offerings will not suffice at my funeral.

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