Monday, December 27, 2010

The New Gay Diversity

Barack Obama, the President of The United States of America, signed a new law that would allow homosexuals to openly serve in the Armed Forces. This ia a great day for freedom. I must start with disclaimers. I am close personal friends with many gay men and women so this is not a gay bash, I am the only writer brave enough to cover this topic in this way.  This is an examination of what this will mean for black men as they peruse careers in academia, government, entertainment and politics.

Lets start with politics. Aligning with gay groups has always been smart politics. Marion Barry won his first election against Walter Washington in Washington, DC because he actively courted closeted gay voters. Over 60% of the congressional and senate staffs on Capital Hill are gay. Some more open than others. This is more out of necessity because the long hours demanded by Capital Hill work are not conducive to raising a family. Women with children or men with families cannot very well tell a Senator that a child has a fever and that's why they cannot come in. Besides, Congress is exempt from employment laws and you serve at the pleasure of your Boss.

My point is, since gay men and women overall do not have children, they can work longer hours including weekends that family men and women cannot, and since most employers are demanding longer hours and multi tasking, will this place single mothers, family men and women at a disadvantage against gay workers.

Will this be one more hurdle that Black men, who lost out on affirmative action as white women entered the workforce, have to face as they continue to fight for equal opportunity in Corporate America. Speaking of corporate America, Black men and Black women serve on so few Wall Street Boards that's its shameful, especially since the United State Treasury hold stocks and warrants on Bank of America, General Motors, General Electric, Goldman Sachs,and 50% of the Fortune 100.  Will homosexual men and women knock out the few Black Men and Women  that currently hold  partnerships at law firms.

I support the new law, but what are the unintended consequences for the American Family? What opportunities  are now lost to Blacks as they seek promotions against gay workers? Will employers turn to gay workers to prove that they have open and fair hiring practices while squeezing out Blacks in Middle and upper management? Will Black women, which earn 3 times as many college degrees as Black Men, find professional work?

I can identify so few Blacks in upper management positions globally that I can see a future in which African Americans are again limited to low level sales positions in US corporations and mid level positions in military and government  with a few promoted for window dressing. The new legal interpretation for diversity will allow blacks to suffer since gay workers will  now count in diversity statistics to the detriment of Blacks..

Google, Intel, Disney, Pixar and Microsoft and the top ten Banks in the USA  have no African Americans in upper management or board seats  but many gay men at their highest positions.Yes, I am calling them out because the future looks bleak even for African Americans with advanced degrees.
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