Monday, October 4, 2010



STOP HATING THE JEWS!  As a race of people, or more specifically, a tribe. I find the Jews fascinating,
Rick Sanchez remarks were more resentful than hateful, but nonetheless, it got him fired. Spouting hateful and hurtful rhetoric is not appealing. 

Their tribal unity and bonds go beyond that of any other people on earth. They are more united in thought and actions than Chinese, Latin’s, Native American, Italian, Arabs, Greeks, Nigerians and so on. It may be because they share a race and a religion, or it could be the burning bonds of slavery. Whatever it is, they leave no one behind and have excelled in academics and business beyond all others. They have the ability and capacity to make money off off all other races but never with other races. So if your race has not mastered this strategy, get with the program. and get that JEW GLUE UNITY.

Instead of hating on the Jews, African Americans specifically need emulate the Jews, and we can start with our own families. We along with the Jews  share that hurtful, humiliating, and destructive bond of slavery, but the similarity ends there. Below are a few things we can do to move toward those Jew Glue Bonds.

1. Excel at Academics, Art or Athletics.
2. Never speak bad of another African American Brother or Sister ever again.
3. Do business with each other first. If successful, teach another.
5. Defend and uphold your African American Brothers and Sisters.

Taking these simple steps is a start toward developing the cohesive and unbreakable bonds that can lift an entire race to prosperity. DON’T HATE, EMULATE
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