Sunday, March 14, 2010


Tiger Woods self destructive behavior is now well documented from the New York Times to CNBC to FOX  to Sports Illistrated. In my book ¨The Angry Black Man's Success Guide" I describe self destructive behavior as one of the levels of success to be handled on the way up.  Sure, Tiger was succesful from a professional stand point and from all appearances, a personal standpoint as well, but Tiger's self destruction will continue until Tiger truly understands who Tiger is without the fame

Tiger Woods is Black- African American  Negro and Tiger has to understand that its OK. to be Black. You do not need to avoid it. When you look in the mirror, its who you are.  Its not a curse unless you allow yourself to be defined by United States standards. As well traveled as Tiger is, he should have dropped these  foolish standards of  of Blackness years ago. 

Inside the United States, being Black can seem like a never ending challenge of ordeals with the cards stacked against you at every turn. Walking into a mall can turn into a game of duck the security gaurd or a routine traffic stop for a minor offense can end in an arrest for disorderly conduct as you respond to the "where are you going?" question with as much respect as you can muster when you really want to respond "None of your damn business asshole!" Ask Dr. Henry Louis Gates about how not to talk to a cop. 

Outside the United States, being Black is a blessing. The African American cultural experience is so rich , dynamic and rewarding that even with the communication challenges of different languages, I am always able to make new friends and associates.  Tiger Woods  can attend counseling for years but until he accepts his skin color like he accepts his athleticism, he will repeat his self destructive behavior. 

Being Black is a pleasant and happy feeling outside of the United States. The lightnesss of not seeing every business or personal encounter as a race test removes years of stress.  Tiger should have experienced this feeling and embraced it. Tiger, I want you to succeed on all levels, but most importantly on a personal level as the person you really are.
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