Saturday, February 14, 2009

Trump Busted Again

In my best selling Book, ¨The Angry Black Man´s Guide to Success¨, I gave the example of Donald Trump and how he bankrupted Eastern Airlines in 18 months flat. I used the example to show that failure is short term but success is long term. This also shows that you must never let others define you or your business. Well, he has done it again.
My sources in the gaming industry have revealed that Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump have resigned from Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc. so that their names would not appear on the fourth bankruptcy filing since the 1990´s. This bankruptcy is in the 1.25 billion dollar range. Other previous bankruptcies were 2004 and 2007.
Do not feel sorry for the Donald. See, he and Bernie Madoff are cut from the same cloth and know how to live very well even when millions of dollars in debt.
This does not mean that Casinos are bad business, just that Trump is a horrible casino operator but one great borrower. I bet he has an excellent credit score from Trans Union, Experian and Equifax regardless of the five plus corporate bankruptcies.
Foxwoods and The Hard Rock Casinos are expanding because their casinos are about the players while Trumps Casinos are shrines to Trump.
The King expects the Casino sector to expand overall by five to ten percent during the worldwide recession amoung well managed properties. Get in the Game.


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