Monday, February 9, 2009

Three Times Better

Bam! Just when you thing racism and discrimination was old news, it smacks you upside the head. My man President Obama is getting his head smacked right now. His own democrats are sabataging his efforts by stuffing his stimulas plan with earmarks and pork like fish farms and amusement parks. In my endorsement, I said that you were three times better than John MaCain.
Step back a moment and up your game brother. Eloquent speaches will not get this bill past. Dump the Bush tactics, they will not work for you and get back to what you promised. CHANGE! Tell the American People how this bill will put money in our pockets NOW!
Treasury Secretary Geithner is following Bankrobber Bens playlist to bail out-or a beter term is to provide welfare to-more Wall Street Investment Banks. Instead of campaigning on your stimulas bill, pull it back, fix it and resubmit it. Meanwhile, you should move expeditiously to fire all of the left over Scedule C employees from the Bush Administration.
Let me explain the Banking problem.
GMAC is offering a Certificate of Deposit for one year for 3 percent. They have no capital and borrowed TARP funds at 5 percent. They made no loans because no one is borrowing so earned no income. So the problem is how do you pay 3% when your cost of funds is 5% and you have no capital and no income.
Simple, you get the United States Government to lend you all of the money you need for operations and salaries. Essentially, you are a zombie company and the sooner you fail, the better because then the true recovery can start.
Now Brother Man, start being President and stop being Candidate. YOU NEED TO HAVE THE FOLLOWING CONVERSATIONS.
PRES O: Hello, this is the President. How are you today Sen. YT REBUBLICAN. I understand you have some problems with my stimulas plan. I need your support.
SEN YT: Yes I do Mr. President. Theres too much waste and that violates my Republican principles.
PRES O: I see, well I am gled you mentioned waste. My Army Generals tell me that the Blackhawk Helicopter Squadron in your state is not being used effectively and that I should consider moving them to another district, I mean base. Also, the National Institutes of Health tells me the Cancer research program at your state university has questionable results and should be moved to a historically black college or university. I was going to delay these decisions if my Stimulas Package passed on time, but I may have to take other measures. My advisors tell me I cannot cut programs already funded like military and research grants, but I have full authority to move them. Well, I hope I can count on your support. Thank you Good bye.

The Good King George
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