Tuesday, January 20, 2009

World Peace

Now that we have a new president, we can now move torward a new peace. I will work toward expanding and reaching out to countries in disbanding armies and militaries around the globe. This may sound a bit disarming, but many countries cannot afford a military, and supporting most militaries not only eat up 20% or more of Gross Domestic Product, but also create instability within a countries borders. Mexico, Haiti, and The Conge Republic are countries in which the military creates more instability from within.
The cost of war is not only high, but the cost of recovery is higher. Nigaraugra is paying millions to remove 9000 land mine from a war over a decade ago. These funds are better used for education and infrastructure.
Isreal and Hammas accomplished nothing but a distaste for war and terror. Now, when people pray for world peace, they may actually get it.
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