Monday, November 17, 2008

Barack and the Death of Ebonics

The Best thing that President-elect Obama means to African Americans is the death of Ebonics, otherwise known as Black English. This was some leftist liberal drivel developed by African American PhD's out of California that argued black children should be allowed to speak in an incoherent drivel of "you knows" and "shorties" while bouncing up and down and shuffling their feet. The School Board of Oakland California officially mandated the teaching of Ebonics on December 18, 1996.
Thank God for the passage of time. Twelve years later, Ebonics seems like the worst idea ever developed for education. Thanks to President Obama, people around the world have witnessed first hand the power of speech and words. Obama was first dismissed as only a great speechmaker with empty ideas by Hillary Clinton. She portrayed him as a person that could not close the deal to win the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.
Well, look at the awesome power of his words. His words have given hope to the world and even changed my Anger to Happiness. President Obama has had the positive effect of making education and intelligence cool for Black children. No longer do rappers and their respective monkey dances seem cool.

In an interview on 60 minutes on Sunday, November 16, 2008, the Obama's plan to use their influence to improve education in Washington, DC. I predict their very presence as an example of academic achievement will go a long way to helping children, black and white, see the positive force of education.
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