Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama's Endorsement

I am running this post again as a reminder to all. This endorsement blew the doors wide open and allowed a lot of Black Republicans to do the right thing. It created a very public disagreement between myself and the National Black Republican Association led by Francis Rice. Her inane babbel was and still is more racist than Bull Conner.
As the Presidential race moves to a conclusion, I am reminded of a saying among Black folk, "A Black man has to be three times better than a white man to obtain the same goals." Well, Barack Obama is five times better than John McCain.
Very early in the presidential campaign season during Fall 2004, The King and several squires boarded a plane to Ft Lauderdale, Florida and arrived via limousine to the well appointed waterfront home of Dr. Zacharia P. Zacharia. Upon arrival, our host presented the guest of honor, the very distinguished and present Senate Majority Leader, Dr. William Harrison Frist (R) to the crowd of 40.
During Lunch, Senator Frist gave a stirring speech and which he laid out his plan to run for President of the United States of America. He touted his experience as a businessman, medical doctor and current government service. Dr. Zacharia pledged his support and we were smitten.
Well, the King and other notables thought we had a winner on our hands and we gladly pledged our support, which included campaign donations to this honorable and worthy effort.
Soon after this very expensive lunch, Dr. Bill Frist' campaign flamed out faster than a wet match and the King and his supporters decided to postpone any further presidential campaign activities. It's now Fall 2008, and two other United States Senators, one that was a complete unknown, Barack Obama (D), and the other John McCain (R) who has never peeled off his George Bush label.
Well friends, we are now facing a very important choice. Understand that I do more than vote. I support, donate when possible, raise funds and encourage others to participate fully in the political process.
During my recent Latin American tour, I listened intently as our allies in other countries shared their concerns about Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez and their efforts to spread communism. I learned that China is buying friendship and Bonds and that the current policy from the United States is muddled and confused. A recent speech by John McCain in which he described the United States`as the worlds policemen did not help. In the view of our Latin Allies, if the United States sees itself as the worlds policemen, then who does it view as suspects.
Latin America is our closest trading partner, the countries of Central and South America are growing and as an ally, its time for the United States to stop policing and start assisting where wanted, and to develop a Latin American policy based on trust, not suspicion.
As I write this endorsement, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have collapsed under the weight of the mortgage crises and essentially is now under Federal conservatorship. Inflation is stealing the American workers paycheck and energy cost are still higher than acceptable.
In my book, "The Angry Black Man's Guide to Success" I say that the you should be a moneycrat and support candidates that will work for you. Although I am a registered Republican, there have been times when I supported Democrats when they were better qualified. I supported my good friend Frank Peterman (D) for the Florida House over a Republican because he was the best person. Even Florida Govorner Charle Crist(R) crossed party lines to appoint Reverend Peterman to Secretary of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.
I want to be loyal to the Republican Party and to believe what my friend Charlie Crist (R) says when he states we are the party of less taxes and more freedom, but that message today seems hypocritical.
Several maidens have called to see what I feel about the Vice Presidential choice of Sarah Palin(R) and its an obvious affirmative action tactic. You see, the largest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action are white women, not black men. This is obviously a desperate political move and a good one, but Sarah Palin has even less experience than Michelle Obama. The advantage here obviously goes to Joe Biden(D) Besides, I think the VP vetting commitee for MCain was looking for the one white person on earth that had the least interaction with Blacks since birth.
All of this leads me to the top of the ticket. John McCain campaigned and supported a vote to removed affirmative action from the laws of Arizona, has not come up with successful policies on immigration in his border state, campaigned against the Martin Luther King holiday and will continue the spend now tax later policies of George W. Bush. He has more experience because of his age, not his actions.
Barack Obama has beat Hillary Clinton(D) and John Edwards(D), worked to lift people from poverty in the worst ghettos in Chicago, Illinois and has been an effective legislator in a short period of time. He offers new solutions and hope of partisanship to forge new international alliances. Barack has experience in spite of his age.
My vote and support goes to Barack Obama for President and Joe Biden for Vice President
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