Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Michele Obama is Brilliant

This update came to mind as Michele Obama gave former President Bush an extra little smooch. That lady is Classy

Michele Obama for President
Michele Obama for President. In my best selling book, "The Angry Black Man's Guide to Success," the second half of the title is "and the women that help them," however, I really do not go into details about women and how they can help. Well, Michele Obama is a lesson for all women.
"Barak Obama is Brilliant!" In a speach in Pennsylvania on Thursday, March 13, 2008, Michele Obama stated clearly, loudly, and very assertively that "Barak Obama is Brilliant!" She then went on to wax eloquently about his past accompishments including his academic achievements. In all of my life, even though I have been a super achiever and provider, not one woman has called me brilliant. Not my mother or my wife or my sisters.
Women, particulary Black Women, are not taught that Black Men are brilliant, industrious, honest, hard-working or anything remotely good. They are taught that we are lazy, no-good, slick, and of very little brain. Black women love to gather around and find fault with thier Black men, thier providers and even undermine thier confidence and belittle thier achievements. African American films such as "How Stella Got Her Grove Back," a best selling book and movie by Terry McMillian, feature an opening scene in which a group of women gather while drinking wine in one of the womens luxury well appointed home and degrade and insult Black Men.
So, how can Black women help Black Men. Simple, stop your negative behavior and believe in us. It was amazing to watch Michele Obama state her unequivacle love and admiration for her Black Man. How foolish it must have sounded when he said "I am going to run for US Senate" against a Billionaire. How foolish it must have sounded when her husband said "I am going to run for President" in a crowded field with Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and others. Yet, Michele believed at the core of here very being that her husband was brilliant.
How much more confident would your entreprenural husband be if you, a Black woman, believed in him with all of your heart and soul. If you helped to nurture his dreams and desires, no matter how silly they sounded at inception. I challenge all women, particularly Black Women, to study Michele Obama and the incredible and unbelievable love she has for her Husband. The love and support of a good woman can be the difference between a dream and an achievement.
The Good King George Farrell
The Angry BlacK Man's Guide to Success
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