Thursday, May 18, 2017

Our President needs us

Our President really needs us. He needs our prayers for wisdom as the Republican Never Trumpers re emerge. He needs to be aware of the Obama, Hillary, Mccain resistance movement buried deep inside of Government offices that are delaying and destroying his good works to repeal and replace failing Obamacare, lower taxes for everyone, and secure the borders and drain the swamp.
The liberal Democrats and the Fake media wants enrage Black Americans to riot and destroy their own neighborhoods this summer, but we are working to stop that foolishness by sharing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
BlakPac was the first organization dedicated to turning out black voters for Donald J. Trump. We are fighting the Fake news that president Trump is against Blacks. It is simply not true so we are bravely going into minority communities and using social media to tell the truth and shame the devil. We clearly explain what #MAGA means to Blacks America,
For Blacks, it means access to a great school, public, charter or private, It means enjoying a safe neighborhood free from criminals and and means a growing economy that produces well paying jobs for legal Americans. This is a message of opportunity and unity for all. We need your help to deliver the truth before any more lies are spread by the Clinton News Network.
We have a proven system to get to black voters within critical districts located in battleground states, to vote for President Trump but we can not back off now. For our effort to be effective, we need to keep doing mailings, radio ads, phone calls, facebook, twitter @realblakpac instagram and other social media and door-to door visits in areas where blacks make up a large percentage of the voters.
IT'S NOT OVER! We need to continue bringing support to our President. Visit and make the largest and best gift.
The BlakPac Team

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