Monday, May 29, 2017

A Special Memorial Day Thank You

This Memorial Day, the associates at BlakPAC thanks all Military Warriors and  personnel for their special sacrifices. We also thank every contributor, donor, and supporter of our efforts to bring America together and make America Great Again.

When your donation arrives, we first thank God in prayer and we pray for your health and prosperity. Your financial support helps us do the most difficult work in politics. We convert minorities that have been ignored and made to feel irrelevant that the American Dream of upward mobility applies to them and that they are a significant part of America, and that if they believe in God, then their faith must match their politics, and thus know that America is God's country.

Your contributions pays for our Correct the Disconnect voter education training which has been presented to numerous Republican Clubs across America, organizing volunteers, canvassing in challenging neighborhoods, printing of flyers, t shirts, emails, data collections, travel, social media engagement, Blacks for Trump and BlakPAC voter registration drives.

We are not the biggest Political Action Committee, but we are the most active and most effective. Follow us on twitter @realblakpac, linkedin, facebook and our two webpages, and

This Memorial Day and everyday, thank a soldier
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