Monday, April 17, 2017

BlakPAC in Atlanta

BlakPac in Atlanta!

6th District

A new Poll on Friday shows Ossoff with 45 percent of the vote, below the majority mark he needs to hit on Tuesday to avoid a June 20 runoff.


We must act now!  We must send a clear message for the voters in Atlanta that the Republican Party supports their values.  BlakPac does the best job attracting minority voters and getting undecided voters to vote Republican. We know how to deliver the message.  You have heard about the difference BlakPac can make in close elections.This is Urgent, BlakPac needs you now!

These are the facts today:
  • The 6th District is 13,4% Black
  • The 6th District is 11.8% Hispanic
  • The 6th District is 9.3% Asian
  • Minority  Business owners will vote Republican if properly asked
The Liberal  Democratic playbook is offensive to the hard working people of the  Sixth Congressional District. Atlanta offers opportunity for upward mobility and that is the Republican message we need to deliver to defeat Ossoff. Help BlakPac turn out the vote to keep Atlanta from being Burned by Ossoff and Clinton liberals. chip in $25 or more Today.

Only BlakPac has the messaging and the experience to reach and educate minorities to vote Republican. We have done it before when we launched the largest minority engagement program in history to elect Donald. J. Trump.

We turned independents and conservative Democrats into new Republican voters in Florida, North Carolina. Ohio and Pennsylvania. President Trump and Georgia needs our special expertise again.

Make no mistake. the election for Georgia Congressional District 6 will be very close and BlakPac delivers victories in close elections.

We need to match  and outperform the opponent so we are asking for the largest donation you can make.  Do not let Atlanta fall to the Clinton Democrats.

We need more Trump supporters in Office.

Let's Win this Race!!

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