Tuesday, April 4, 2017

.00560748 Remember this Number

This is the number you get when you divide the 3 Republican Black US Congress men and woman by the Total number of 535 US Congress Members and that my friends is the basic reason it is so hard to get Blacks to vote Republican!  Democrats have 43 Black Congress Representatives. This number of Black Republicans is so low that African American have the misconception that the Republican Party consist only of racists that won't elect Blacks.

Friends, BlakPac is offering a solution. We need to elect more Black Conservatives to Congress. We are already on the ground working to get more African American Votes and supporting Capable Black Conservative Candidates.

Can I count on you to chip in a contribution of $25, $35, $50, $100, $250 or $500 to help massively expand BlakPAC's grassroots operation and Candidate support?
We won't stop our mission and we will continue our nationwide grassroots operation.

Community meetings /  Video Productions  /  Radio / TV / Facebook / Twitter / Events in Minority Communities

But we can't do it without your support. Democrats have a lead in minority communities and they are still pouring in millions of dollars to increase this misconception and fake news programs are on their side. Their message is: "Republicans are racist led by racist Donald J Trump" We are firing back but we need your support TODAY!
We need your support now. We are working to deliver a clear message to the African American Community in 2017. Our message is: "We care. We care about good schools. We care about safe neighborhoods. We support qualified Black Candidates. We care about civil rights. We don't only knock at your door at election time to get your vote" You and I know that Republicans care more than Democrats, but we need to show them by electing Conservative and Qualified Minorities in leadership positions too.

God Bless You,

George T. Farrell
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