Sunday, February 26, 2017

Clarke Train rolls through CPAC

BlakPAC Friends

Sheriff Clarke was amazing at the Annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). He stole the show when he declared "Blue lives Matter" You may have seen him on FOX talking about the rule of Law.

CPAC is where the top leaders of the conservative movement -- as well as elected officials from every level, including the President -- meet to discuss ideas, policy, and plan the path forward for conservatives in 2017.  Sheriff Clarke showed everyone that he has the deposition, character, and leadership qualities necessary to be a United States Senator. He stands firmly with President Donald J Trump.

We are counting on your immediate help in the three following ways:
As I mentioned, our goal is to deliver your name, to Sheriff Clarke to encourage him to run for Senate;
2.  Forward this email to everyone you know and ask them to sign their petition.  
Democrat Senator Tammy Baldwin is one of THE MOST liberal U.S. Senators in Washington.
And she represents a state that voted FOR Donald Trump on November 8, 2016
That means she’s very vulnerable for defeat in 2018.
So please tell your friends that Sheriff Clarke is a conservative hero in Wisconsin, and he’s exactly the kind of Senator Donald Trump needs fighting for him in Congress;
Mass emails.  Facebook news-feed ads.  
Google banner ads.
YouTube.  Robodials. 
Friend, when it comes to drafting Sheriff Clarke, BlakPAC is leaving nothing on the table.
As the 2016 elections proved, our get out the vote programs work.
We need your help.
Thank you for your support.
George T Farrell
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