Sunday, February 12, 2017

BlakPAC history of Success

BlakPAC has a history of success for a PAC that is unmatched.  We do more with less. We are frugal and efficient. Our Social Media Department produces tons of content and we pick winners.

On March 17, 2016, way before the Republican National Convention, BlakPAC endorsed President Donald Trump and I proudly signed this endorsement with Former Florida Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll. We were one of the first national organizations to endorse President Trump. we also committed grassroots support in Florida, Norths Carolina , Pennsylvania, Texas and Louisiana,

BlakPAC endorsed and supported Jenean Hampton for Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky resulting in her victory and we launched the original Draft Sheriff David Clarke Campaign which will result in Sherrif Clarke being elected to the US Senate if he chooses to run

We supported the winning campaigns of Jackie Toledo and Byron Donalds for the Florida House.  BlakPAC support matters.

We supported Gov. Rick Scott in his 2% victory over Charlie Crist. We did not support Congressman David Jolly and he lost by 2% to Charlie Crist.  See the difference, A tough lost to be sure, and I am sure if Mr. Jolly decides to run for office in the future, ...

BlakPAC senior members have over 100 years of experience in politics and we are rarely wrong, so if you want to run with a winning crew, choose BlakPAC. Join at www.BlakPAC,com and  contribute financially to your winning team
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