Saturday, December 31, 2016

Draft Sheriff Clark

You may remember him as one of Donald Trump’s most outspoken supporters on the campaign trail. Or you may remember his energetic speech at the Republican National Convention.
I’m talking about Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee.
Sheriff David Clarke is exactly the type of leader Donald Trump needs in the U.S. Senate to help Drain the Swamp!

He’s 100% pro-gun and pro-life.
He’s an outspoken critic of illegal immigration, and is known for his hardline stance against so-called “sanctuary cities.”
And he’s also a leader in the African American community.

But most importantly, Friend, Sheriff Clarke takes his sacred oath to protect and defend the Constitution seriously.

That’s why, today I’m asking you to help BlakPAC draft Sheriff David Clarke to run for U.S. Senate against Democrat Tammy Baldwin in 2018.
BlakPAC has a goal of generating 100,000 signatures from Americans across the country urging Sheriff Clarke to run for U.S. Senate in 2018.

As you know, during the 2016 election cycle, BlakPAC was the only Super PAC dedicated solely to contacting, persuading, and turning out black voters for Donald Trump in key swing states.
For months, we contacted tens of thousands of black voters in neighborhoods and cities in swing states like Florida and North Carolina. Next, we targeted those areas with information explaining why Donald Trump was the best choice for black voters in 2016.

Finally, on Election Day, we turned out the Trump supporters we spent months identifying.
And Friend, even though the “experts” said it couldn’t be done -- Donald Trump handily defeated Hillary Clinton in every state targeted by BlakPAC.

But now that Donald Trump is set to be President in January, it’s up to you and I to keep up the momentum and FILL CONGRESS with as many conservatives as possible to help Donald Trump completely Drain the Swamp!
That’s why BlakPAC is rallying 100,000 Americans to sign our “Draft Sheriff David Clarke for U.S. Senate” petition.
So won’t you please join tens of thousands of other patriots across the country by signing your “Draft Sheriff Clarke” petition right away?
Democrat Senator Tammy Baldwin is one of THE MOST liberal U.S. Senators in Washington.
And she represents a state that voted FOR Donald Trump on November 8.
That means she’s very vulnerable for defeat in 2018.
Of course, establishment Republicans also recognize this fact. So they’re certain to go all-out to make sure their hand-picked candidate wins the Republican nomination.
Here’s three critical ways I’m counting on you to help make sure that doesn’t happen:

1.)       Please click HERE and sign your “Draft Sheriff David Clarke” petition urging David Clarke to run for U.S. Senate against liberal Tammy Baldwin in 2018;

2.)      Share this with EVERYONE you know and ask them to please sign the petition and help us generate the 100,000 needed to encourage Sheriff Clarke to toss his hat into the ring;

3.)       Please chip in a generous contribution of $25 -- or any amount you can give at this time -- to help BlakPAC contact up to half-a-million patriots through email, social media and online ads asking them to help us draft Sheriff Clarke to run for U.S. Senate in 2018.

Friend, Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton dealt a crushing blow to the anti-American globalist and political elites in Washington.
But our work is far from over.
It’s up to you and I to keep up the momentum heading into 2018.

So please sign your “Draft Sheriff David Clarke” petition, and if at all possible, chip in a generous contribution to help BlakPAC generate 100,000 signatures.
Thank you in advance for all you do.
George T Farrell
Chairman of BlakPAC

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