Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Help Defeat Hillary

I freed hundreds of slaves, but I could have freed hundreds more if they knew they were slaves.”
-Harriet Tubman


A hidden video released this morning by James O’Keefe shows a longtime Clinton donor and ally comparing blacks who support Republicans to Nazi Jews.
Jews who were helping the Nazis murder Jews . . .
So blacks who are helping the other side are seriously f***ed in the head,” the Clinton ally told a crowd at a fundraiser.

Friend, this is why our work at Blak PAC is critical to defeating Hillary Clinton.
So please chip in a generous contribution right now to help Blak PAC get this message out far and wide across battleground states over the next several days.
You see, a handful of black Republicans in North Carolina were allowed to view the video before being released to the public.
And every last one of them was appalled to hear what Hillary Clinton and the Democrats really think about the black community.
That’s why I’m emailing to ask for your immediate support.
Blak PAC spent the last several weeks identifying black voters in key battleground states, and targeting them with anti-Hillary messages.
Based on early voter rolls, a number of these folks have yet to cast their ballot for President.

With your immediate support, Blak PAC will launch an aggressive voter contact program using this latest video to show them what Hillary Clinton really thinks about them -- and encourage them to break free the shackles off and vote for Donald Trump on November 8.

Right now Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are running neck-and-neck in North Carolina, Florida and other swing states.
Friend, our program -- fueled by YOUR generous support -- could be the difference between victory or defeat on November 8.
But time is short.
To put our program into action I must be able to count on your immediate help and support.
So please chip in your most generous contribution to help Blak PAC target these voters ahead of Election Day.
Thank you so much for stepping up at this crucial moment.

God Bless, 
Senator Elbert Guillory

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