Monday, November 28, 2016

Black Americans Should Just Say “No” To Sanctuary Cities

by Walter Myers III
BlakPac Blogger

On Wednesday, the following week after Donald Trump was elected as President, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel delivered a speech where he reassured illegal immigrants that Chicago will continue to be a sanctuary city even in the wake of a Trump presidency. He said undocumented immigrants would continue to have access to public services, including education and city-funded healthcare. If anyone was ever in doubt of his priorities, it’s clear that people here illegally, and hardly deserving of taxpayer funded public services, are far more important to him than his fellow Americans. Ten percent of the city’s population, or about 274,000, live in deep poverty, which disproportionately affects black American neighborhoods.

Crime is also disproportionately rampant in these poverty-stricken neighborhoods. In a city with almost 4,000 shootings and over 675 murders thus far in 2016, sanctuary for illegal immigrants should be the least of his worries.

We often hear that illegal immigration doesn’t hurt American workers, since illegal immigrants “take the jobs that Americans won’t do.” There may be some truth to this, but illegal immigration has been unchecked and unabated for decades with deportations now at a ten-year low under the Obama administration. Since there has always been a steady flow of illegal workers, businesses have not had to pay fair market wages to make lower skilled jobs more attractive to native-born Americans and legal immigrants. And when you look at cities such as Chicago with high poverty, high crime, a high murder rate, one must wonder why it would be prideful of willfully and wantonly violating federal law leaving so many poor black Americans with little economic opportunity in favor of illegal workers.

A problem few recognize with illegal immigration is that it enables Mexico and Central American countries, which have high degrees of corruption, to benefit economically through remittances from illegal immigrants to their families in their home countries. Illegal immigration operates as an escape valve allowing corruption to continue to thrive since enough pressure doesn’t build up among the people to overthrow these corrupt governments. Also, drug cartels benefit through the trafficking of illegal immigrants, often using them as mules to transport drugs in exchange for safe passage into the United States. So sanctuary cities do nothing more than encourage legal and criminal behavior and even obfuscate it from full view of the law.

Instead of placing focus on poverty, poor schools, unemployment, crime, and murder in the urban areas of Chicago, Emanuel has chosen to pander to Hispanics since the Hispanic voting block is, presumably, his highest priority. He makes the presumption that Hispanics don’t believe in law and order, and the only way to appease them is to provide sanctuary for illegal immigrants, including those with felony records that fall under sanctuary city status. If he truly cared about his own citizens, he would at least cooperate with federal immigration laws when it comes to criminal illegal aliens. Again, this demonstrates his priority is not the safety and well-being of citizens of Chicago, and as the mayor there should be no greater priority than this.

Of course, Emanuel is not alone. He is joined by mayors of other liberal progressive cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, and Philadelphia. These cities have also failed low-skilled black Americans due to their outsize attention to the growing Hispanic populations and illegal immigrants they hope will be future American citizens. American voters have sent a message that they want a
President who is committed to law and order and who will protect the sovereignty of our country. We should determine who we want to allow to cross our borders, and not allow others to decide for us.

My hope is that President-elect Trump will do as he has promised to deport criminal illegal aliens, fortify our border, crack down on those who overstay their visas, and instead of deporting illegal immigrants that have committed no other crimes, provide them with work permits with no possibility of citizenship as a condition of legal status.

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