Friday, September 16, 2016

New Poll: Trump Secures 26% of Black Vote

According to a new poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group from September 6-12, Republican nominee Donald Trump has secured 26% of the black vote in the state of South Carolina.
The Daily Caller reports:
"...Trump is doing quite well with blacks in the poll. He has 25.75 percent support among black voters, and Clinton leads with 70 percent of the black vote. Clinton leads with Hispanic voters at 50.99 percent, Trump follows with 29.3 percent."
While many on the left, specifically the mainstream media, will attempt to paint this as an outlier and an inaccurate indiction of the frontrunner's true support from the black community, it's important to remember that this is not the first time we've seen Trump carry a large portion of the black vote.
As The Daily Caller points out:
"Trump has done well previously with black voters in southern states before. He received 34 percent of the black vote in North Carolina in an August poll. The Republican nominee has been attempting to reach out to black voters and has repeatedly asked them at rallies 'what do you have to lose?'"
Clearly, Donald Trump's outreach to the black community is having a major effect. There's no doubt that an awakening amongst black voters is Hillary Clinton and the Democrat's worst nightmare.

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