Friday, July 8, 2016

Donate to BlakPAC

Hello Friends of BlakPAC:

Attached is great news concerning BlakPAC.  You will want to read every word. Our work benefits every Republican in Florida and beyond.
As the election year intensifies, conservative political action committee BlakPAC is urging black candidates and voters to get more involved in the politic...
Republican Mike Mikurak, who is running for the District 3 at-large seat on the Pinellas County Commission, has been endorsed …
This week BlakPAC was featured in the Florida Courier, The Tampa Bay Times Buzz blog, NewsMAX, and SaintPetersblog.  Our Get out the Vote efforts are succeeding and as a result, the largest number of conservative Blacks since reconstruction have qualified for office nationwide.  Instead of shame, we have restored pride in being a Black conservative.  

Now we need to raise funds quickly to elect conservatives in 2016.  Can you step up and click the link below to make a donation.  If you can not donate, please forward this email to your friends who care and who can.  

Thank You

George Farrell

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