Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rick Scott needs to Pay up

Governor Rick Scott owes his job to Black Republicans. First to Former Lt Governor Jennifer Carroll for his win over Attorney General Bill McCollum and next to BlakPAC.

BlakPAC exploited the wedge issue of School Choice that increased Rick Scott's vote total from 30,000 Black voters to 90,000 Black Voters, beating Democrat  Charlie Crist by 1,1% or 60,000 votes.

George Farrell was responsible for Rick Scott's first visit to a Black Church in an urban community, which signaled to Black Republicans and voters that he was OK.  Former Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll is a co-founder of BlakPAC, and although no fan of Rick Scott, knew he was a better choice for the citizens of Florida than chameleon Charlie Crist.

Now it's time for Governor Rick Scott to repay the favor by backing and supporting not only BlakPAC but the many qualified Black Republicans in Florida.  Republicans are always running around doing just enough to win Black conservative voters, but when its time to elect Black conservatives, the Republican leadership disappears.

If Republicans Black votes, they now have to elect Black Conservatives... or we will stay home and the whole House of Cards will collapse like it did for the arrogant and unelected Bill McCullom.   Do not expect Black voters to defect from Hillary Clinton based on your earned media presence without you publicly supporting the election of Elbert Guillory, Corrogan Vaughn and Lori Bartley to Congress. 

Rick Scott can start by instructing his Let's Get To Work PAC and the Republican Party of Florida to Support Mike Hill in his Florida Senate Race, He can follow that by supporting Byron Donalds and last but not least, he can make a major PAC to PAC donation to BlakPAC. 


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