George Farrell
BlakPAC Chair

BlakPAC, one of the best Political Action Committees in the United States, is supporting an urban renewal ticket in Baltimore, Maryland, but first, we must remove the failed Democratic machine that led to the decay of one of America's great cities.

After decades of liberal  rule and poverty increases, the people of Baltimore and it's surrounding suburbs are realizing that there must be a better way than the welfare state created by Democrats.  BlakPAC stepped up and brought the "Correct the Disconnect" program to the region, recruiting members like  Republican Corrogan Vaughn currently running for US Congress.  The citizens mired in this decaying area now understand clearly that your faith must match your politics.  Below is the list of Conservative Republican candidates in Baltimore City and County.

Torbit Chancellor   Mayor Candidate             Larry Wardlow      Mayor Candidate
Shannon Wright President City Council          Matt McDaniel      1st District
Gregory Yarberough 2nd District                   William Broadus 4th
Tamara Purnell7th District                              Joe Brown8th District
Nakia  Washington 8th District                       Kenneth Earl Ebron9th District
Ovtavia Nijuhg9th District                              Christine Digman 10th District
Frank Richardson12th District                        George Johnson 13th District
Tom Boyce 14th District

It cost $1,600 to convert and hold each vote in an urban electorate from Democrat to Republican. As a point of reference, Jeb Bush spent $23,000 per vote in his failed Presidential Campaign. We are the better investment for America.

BlakPAC needs your support to win in this urban enclave, so if you are as committed as we are, please give generously.