Friday, April 15, 2016

Blacks turning against Hillary to BlakPAC

 CS Bennett
BlakPAC Blogger

WASHINGTON, April 13, 2016 – Mention the words “Republican” and “black” in the same breath and liberals go absolutely nuts. You would have thought someone had attempted to present a Blessed Christian cross to a vampire. The shocked reaction is still the same: repulsion.

 Sadly, black conservatives continue to be ostracized by liberals. The reasons are tied to an agenda the Democratic Party has embedded deep in the black community. Some call their methods indoctrination; others see it as outright brainwashing.

The results are the same though. What remains is a disenfranchised community with a dependency and victimization mindset as well as a chip on their shoulders.
The irony is that you have a forgotten community, except when election time rolls around, fiercely defending the very party that raped, tortured, lynched and enslaved their ancestors and their blood relatives.
So, why do they continue their devotion to this party?

Simply put, blacks have been lied to and cleverly convinced that it is the Republicans who are their natural born enemies and that it is the Democrats who have always fought for and defended the cause of freedom and liberty for minorities.
Nothing is further from the truth.

The fact is that the party of Lincoln (yes, the Republican Party) freed slaves and abolished slavery in the United States. Sadly, schools do not teach this history anymore. Liberals have labeled such historical truths as being political and not to be discussed in our classrooms. Little known in the black community is that the party they are in bed with today (yes, the Democratic Party) not only instituted slavery, but sanctioned it, their robed and hooded enforcers being none other than the KKK.

Because of the hatred of the Republican Party in the minority community, thanks to ongoing liberal propaganda, blacks who are conservative and have wanted to switch to that other political party have shied away from doing so in the past. If they did switch, they kept their new affiliation in the closet.
With Trump’s arrival on the political scene, it has become much easier for once hesitant blacks to make that switch. His campaign has provided ample cover for them. It is a warm and protective quilt-like cover that is embroidered with scenes of violent black on black crime, long food lines and high unemployment, all a sad portrait of depressed communities run mainly by liberals, but also good reasons for switching parties.
So, yes…blacks are turning up at their supervisor of elections offices and switching parties and mainly for these reasons.

As columnist Clarence V. McKee wrote in an August 24, 2015, Newsmax article, “a black woman, Chanell Temple, castigated the Huntington Park, California, city commission for appointing two illegal aliens as advisers. Temple said she supports Trump’s immigration position ‘a hundred per cent’ and went on to say: ‘My people commit a crime they go to jail. Their people commit a crime, they get amnesty.’
“More revealing was her comment that she was fired from her job because she did not speak Spanish, to which Payne responded: ‘you mean in your own country?’

As McKee points out, “many blacks, like Shaw and Temple, feel that they have been thrown under the immigration and amnesty political correctness bus in favor of present and potential Hispanic voters.”
Also trumpeting the switch from Democrat to Republican are political pop stars and luminaries such as actress Stacey Dash and Diamond and Silk, who view Donald Trump as the master business leader and wealth builder the United States desperately needs to turn things around in this country.

It is a fact that blacks have suffered greatly under liberal policies. Eighteen out of the 20 top urban cities suffering from high unemployment rates, depressed real estate property and violent crimes have been run for years, some even decades, by Democratic mayors, city commissioners and liberal policies.
Do you think there could be a connection there? Something called failed policies?

Most have been hoodwinked into staying on the social plantation by liberal leaning community leaders who appear to benefit financially from this. Other leaders are motivated by the power they hope to gain via their efforts. These people are not interested in history or facts.

The facts are out there for anyone who wants to research them. The bottom line is that some blacks are finally waking up, those who have not been completely compromised beyond reason.

It is not being reported, but the Donald’s candidacy is resonating with many in this community.
Make no mistake, Democratic leaders know this and fear this. The black community is the only voting bloc the Democrats know they can always count on to come out in large numbers to vote Democrat, no matter how neglected they are by that party. This is why they feel he has to be eliminated or smeared, perhaps at all cost.

As for establishment members of the Republican Party, they better take notice of this and embrace this migration of blacks back to the party that freed their oppressed ancestors. Instead of plotting against Trump’s political demise, they should embrace him and encourage him to do the right thing for America should he makes it into the office. is the only organization reaching into urban communities to recruit conservative candidates and provide voter education.

Anything short of welcoming Trump and his followers into the fold will only feed into the existing sentiment that this establishment bunch are nothing more than a group of privileged oligarchy who are just as racist and self-centered as their old school Democratic counterparts were and to a large degree still are.

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