Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The BlakPac Movie Awards

With all of the controversy about Movies, I though I would present the BlakPac Movie Awards. These movies are timeless, especially with the lack of progress of Black Americans in the United States .Even today, they are socially relevant. 

The BlakPac Top Five Movies are:

Bustin' Loose                                             Richard Pryor and Cicily Tyson
A real tear jerker that shows the foolishnes of Poverty Pimps

The Distinguished Gentleman                      Eddie Murphy and Sheryl Lee Ralph
This is the Establishment that is destroying the USA

Fight The Power                                         Spike Lee and  Rosie Perez
Black lives Matter with no Solutions

Cornbread, Earl and Me                             Laurence Fishburne's First Movie with NBA Star Jamal Wilkes
Available on YouTube   Nothings Changed 

The Spook who sat by the Door                 Laurence Cook
Available on YouTube    If Black People had guts......

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