Data Capture, Data Mining and Data Targeting is the political now.  Every Presidential candidate and both the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee are seeking ways to to Data Minting.  Data Minting is turning all of you data ore to Data Gold and is the future.

Donald Trump is leading the race in data capture with the millions of people on his twitter and through  Eventbrite, yet he is unable to turn this into data minting gold in Iowa and came in second.  His campaign is now more focused on turning the data ore into data gold.  Ted Cruz and the Cambridge Group had more success but used their data mine with a negative message in a mailer many people found offensive.

Jeb Bush has the deepest data mine of all the presidential campaigns yet his messaging is missing the target and his data ore is not not turning into data gold. He has hit fools gold.

The BlakPac Alliance has a deep and wide data mine across America that Blakpac candidates can access for effective canvassing and it is data gold. The poll numbers agree. Our mine includes conservative democrats, independents and republicans and our minting process is producing votes at the polls. That is Gold.