Friday, February 26, 2016

Black people Rule

Derrick Wilburn
Blakpac Blogger

Republicans have no black people!"
"Really, Condi Rice was a Republican Secretary of State."
"She was just Bush's house nigga, she doesn't count!"
"She took the job over from Colin Powell, he's black too."
"He wasn't black until he supported Obama!"
"Well, we have Ben Carson currently running for President."
"That fool doesn't count, he's a sellout!"
"Oh, ok, well then how about Senator Tim Scott, we have him."
"Tim Scott is an Uncle Tom, he doesn't count either!"
"Gotcha. Allen West is a former Congressman and well known Republican."
"Allen West doesn't know his navel from a hole in the ground, that punk doesn't count!"
"Republicans in Utah, a state with a very small black population, elected Mia Love to U.S. Congress."
"She's just a token, she doesn't count!"
"Well in the 2014 presidential race Herman Cain ran as a Republican."
"Cain, are you kidding me?! That Sambo can't count so he doesn't count!"
"Oh, ah, ok. Clarence Thomas is a sitting Supreme Court Justice."
"He's even worse than Cain. There's NO WAY that fool counts. He's just doing a minstrel dance for his white masters."
"Derrick Wilburn is Vice Chairman of the Colorado state Republican Party."
"Derrick who? That chump is so confused and full of self-loathing he doesn't even know he's really black. He doesn't count."
"Then what about Hasan Harnett? He's Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party."
"Harnett doesn't count, he's more confused than Wilburn."
"Michael Steele is the former Chairman of the Republican National Committee. I mean, c'mon, he was the top man in the entire country."
"Top man is another way of saying the first to sell his fellow blacks off the slave ship to their new masters. That fool doesn't count."
"J.C. Watts was a U.S. Congressman who was and still is very widely respected."
"Respected on Mars maybe, but that negro sure don't count."
"Out in Colorado Darryl Glenn, Ryan Frazier and Casper Stockham are all black and all are running for office in the United States Congress."
"Those three may was well paint on clown faces, they don't count."
"Well, you do know that Jennifer Carroll was the Lt. Governor of the state of Florida, right?"
"That woman is a disgrace, just a female Sambo." 

"George Farrell is the Chair of"
"Alright well, those are just some that popped in right off the top of my head. Do you want me to continue to name some more black Republicans?"
"No! You can't! Because the Republicans don't have any!!"
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