Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Blakpac Issues Presidential Position Paper

For Immediate Release Contact: George Farrell
January 26, 2016 Ph. 727-698-5367

Washington, DC - BlakPac Chairman George Farrell issued a Position Paper to all Presidential Candidates on issues of major importance to Black Americans.  The Democratic Party uses Blacks as props and the Republican Party uses Blacks as tokens.  This Position Paper serves as a starting point for each candidate to detail an action plan to address these very serious concerns.

Economic Development

We desire to see a presidential candidate who will distinguish themselves as the candidate who will fully support economic development and diversity in all American businesses.

Our Position-The continued effort to diversify our economy is critical for our future. At this very moment other nations are competing to take existing high wage jobs out of the USA. In response, we must aggressively protect and grow existing businesses while competing successfully against other markets for much needed new job creation. Diversification from traditional industries balances our economy and makes us less vulnerable to fluctuations in the global economy. We need to continue and enhance what we are doing well to foster more business growth in America.

We focus on economic development in order to create high-wage primary jobs, expand the tax base, diversify the economy and better control our destiny. Having a strong economic development program is about empowering people and communities. It is about the process of individuals gaining the ability to provide for themselves through high wage jobs and careers that allows them to contribute as productive citizens in their communities.


We desire to see a presidential candidate who will distinguish himself as the candidate who will enhance our education system so that it is fairer and more consistent, without using Common Core Standards, and support school choice in our public schools as long as the State requirements of public schools is the same for charter, private and home schools.

Our Position-The more national government influence and money that has infested our local schools, the lower the test scores have dropped and the worse the discipline has become. Common Core is of mediocre academic quality, according to nationally known experts, and research shows education standards do not improve student achievement.

Education standards are not curriculum, but they determine what children will and will not learn. They define curriculum. And the federally funded testing consortia are creating a model Common Core curriculum, although federal curriculum creation is illegal.
Common Core threatens school choice, private schools, and home schools by creating a national market for education in which all tests—including the SAT, ACT, Iowa Basic, and Stanford 10—and most curricula are structured according to one system.

Judicial Reform

We desire to see a presidential candidate who will distinguish himself as the candidate who will stay focused and if needed, be rapid responders where Judicial Racial Inequality on Blacks/Hispanics and other minority’s incidents are happening.
Our Position- Throughout this country’s history, many Black Americans have firmly believed that our country’s judicial system is not color blind. Although the country is long removed from the tension caused by judicial rulings during the Civil Rights era, recent judicial developments have left even young Black Americans with a strong perception of racial inequality in the American judicial system. The United States prison system has increasingly become less of a haven to rehabilitate and punish those in our society who break the law and more of a money-making machine influenced primarily by dollar signs.
The lack of job availability and education are key issues that need to be brought to the table. We know that it is almost impossible for a convicted felon to get a job, how do we change this stigma? But most of all how do we address the system that has Black males able to fight and defend this nation in war times, yet:

 Jailed for non-payment of child support.
 Loss of driver’s license for non-payment of child support.
 Jailed for misdemeanor charges involving trespassing, disorderly conduct, marijuana and the list goes on.
 Used as revenue generator for the court system, which if fines are not paid, incarceration occurs.

Black Vote Matters - Black unemployment rate has recovered slowly and black people are having a harder time finding work. We know having a job is critical to live and that the future of children on welfare is bleaker as the “free system” leads to an acceptance of socialism. As black Americans look at the presidential campaign and staff, do our concerns matter, do you recognize the need for black staffers, do you believe the democratic party has the black vote and it’s not worth the effort to reach out?


Secure and Fair Immigration Reform
Faith and Moral Values-Freedom of Religion without giving up “One Nation Under God”

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